Long Time... No Talk.

It has been a couple days short of FOREVER since my hiatus in blogland.

I have so much catching up to do… posts, blog reading, emails, oh my.

But I’m back and ready to tackle getting caught up!

Where have I been, you ask.

(And if you’re not going to ask, I’m going to tell you anyway.)

Long story.

Short answer? An extended trip to Southern California sans the laptop.

Long answer? Jon is getting ready to deploy (BOOOOOO!!) and has to do “workups” to get ready for said deployment… meaning that he has to train (for lack of better words) out of town. Out of state. For about a month at a time. (as if the impending deployment isn’t enough, right?) So, I decided that would be a good time to go visit family with Layla. We just ended up staying longer than planned. 😉 Jon ended up taking our one laptop so I have been out of the loop with everyone and their blogs. I’m trying to catch up a little at a time. Mark my words, I’ll get caught up just in time for Jon to leave again. ;(

Anyway, here I am! So excited to be back in business. You’ll be hearing from me soon! (Consider that I threat promise!)

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