Layla's 8 Month Donut Picture

Truth be known, Layla is a few days shy of 9 months.

I took these pictures the day she turned 8 months, however, I could not show them on my blog since I was surprising Jon with them in a project that was being sent to the boat.

Layla was going to make her daddy proud in her Arkansas Razorbacks onesie and her Naval Officer build-a-bear Dog, Lulu. :)

She just keeps growing, growing, growing!



She was all smiles in the beginning. šŸ˜‰



…and quickly turned into her being a ham. haha



She was more interested in getting a hold of my camera.



She is an absolute wiggle worm now.



Inside the donut hole.



…and trying to get the camera again. haha



Oh. Hello, Lulu.

We meet again.




Your ears are just as soft as I remember them.






Hey Daddy, my stuffed dog out-ranks you. :)

Please salute Lulu.




Ok Lulu. You stay right there.

I need to show off my chunky chunks.






Would you like butter with those rolls? :)



Always with her tongue out.



I think this is her non-verbal communication for “I’m done”.



Very well.

Here’s a little comparison on her “every two month” growth and changes:



She is so interactive now! She loves to play peek-a-boo and giggle.

She is very mobile… she shimmied and scooted everywhere at theĀ beginning of 8 months and progressed to a full on crawl through her 8th month. Even though she is into everything, she is just so much fun. :)


See you again in September for 10 months!


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