Layla Mae's Newborn Pictures

I have no idea when the title “newborn” is replaced with infant or baby or x months old. Go ahead, cast your judgment.

Regardless, Layla’s newborn pictures were taken the day she turned one month. Or 4 weeks. I can’t remember. Keep on judging.

While you’re at it, judge this!! :

Charge: Adorable.

Verdict: Guilty as Charged!

Charges: Awww, Precious, and Peanut.

Verdict: Guilty on All Counts!

Charges: Consent to be Photographed Inside a Santa Hat Cat Toy

Verdict: Not Guilty.

Defendant’s response: “Cooperation is not consent. And being cute didn’t hurt my case either. I thank the jury for their civic duty.”

To see more of Ms. Peanut’s photos go to Itsy Bitsy Photography Blog and scroll down to the December 13th post. :) Sarah got some really cute pictures of Layla… but of course she wouldn’t sleep at all for the 3 hours we were trying to get a sleeping picture. That’s ok though… I love her wide-eyed and bushy tailed all the same. 😉 She is a good peanut.

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