Layla Mae's First Beach Trip

Our plan for the day was to attend the Centennial of Naval Aviation Air Show on Coronado in San Diego. What we did not plan for was the astronomical amount of traffic getting to the island. After our drive to San Diego, it took us an additional TWO HOURS to get over the bridge to the island.

We were still in bumper to bumper traffic when we decided that we would watch the air show from the beach instead of on the base.

Best decision of the day.

I thought everyone else would have the same idea since all of the planes were flying right over the beach… but nope! The beach was practically empty! It worked out perfectly to take Layla to the beach for her first time.

It was an absolutely perfect day. The sun was shining bright, the sky was clear and blue, the sand was warm… and the air temperature couldn’t be better.

So we rolled up our pants and headed down to the water.

The thought of dipping Layla’s feet in the water crossed our minds…

until the water splashed up on our feet!

Brrrrr!! It was freezing!

There was no way I was going to put that cold of water on her! She’ll get to touch the ocean on another day.

She was so alert… taking everything in…the waves, the seagulls, the sun.

Layla with her Daddy.

…and her Mommy.

…and her Auntie Em and Grandma.

It is always when you turn your back to the water that a freezing splash of whitewash hits your feet.

Emphasis on the freezing.

It was so pretty out.

You can hardly tell what I wrote in the heart. haha

It said: Jon, Melissa and Layla. Coronado 2011.

And of course the three of our shadows. :)

We hung out on the beach until the air show concluded…and then headed over to the base for a quick tour of the aircraft carrier. For a day where nothing went according to plan, it turned out to be rather delightful. :)

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