knock. knock. Housekeeping!


Don’t get too excited.

It’s not the maid.

Well, I take that back.

It IS the maid.

Except I don’t get paid.

And I’m not here to clean your house…

rather, I’m here to help you clean your house better.

Not that you’re not doing a good job.

Not that I’m doing a better job.

I just thought I would share what works for me… and, perhaps, it might work for you also. Because, let me tell you, I do not enjoy cleaning.

There. I said it.

Go ahead. Judge away.

But, you know what? It’s not so bad when the tasks are scheduled, you know what you have to do, things are kept orderly, cleaning doesn’t take all day (or ruin your entire day) and you have time to accomplish other things throughout your day, to boot. Like craft time. :)

You see, cleaning is a very overwhelming, daunting task for me. When I worked full time (which felt like ALL the time) I would save all of the big cleaning for one day…usually Saturday. And by the time it was done, I felt like my weekend, my day off, my “me” time was ruined. And by the time I was done, I didn’t feel like sewing, crafting or doing the other things I enjoyed. My creativity was squashed beneath being plum tuckered out.

Thankfully, I found a solution.

Something that works for me.

Something that might work for you.

I like order. I like my cleaning to be predictable. And on my terms.

So I developed a monthly cleaning schedule.

Each day has a different task in addition to my daily “chores”.

This is what my schedule looks like:


Every day I have my daily chores:

? Make the bed.

? Pick up any items out of place around the house.

? Cook.

? Dishes.

That sort of thing.

BUT! On top of those, I add a chore or two a day. For instance, Monday… I do laundry and I thoroughly clean the kitchen.

Turn the music on, put your pretty gloves on and get cleaning. Work fast. Work efficiently. Keep away from anything that can be potentially distracting (except kids. keep the kids around. 😉 )…the television, the computer, your phone…things like that. I know the second I turn on the TV for “background noise” (yeah right, nice try.) I am just asking for my cleaning to take 3 hours to accomplish.

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