This is my week in camera phone pics.

I am catching up… so it is going to be more like my week and a half in phone pics. 😉


My brother came to visit and we took him to Kings Canyon National Park.



The rivers were raging through the canyon.



The meadows were lush and green.



The weather was spectacular.



It was just the perfect day for a hike.



Roaring Falls.



Layla holding on tight to her Daddy.



We also took my brother to a famous little ice cream shop in our town…


During the week while Jon had to work, I took my brother to Sequoia National Park.




There was hardly anyone there! We didn’t see anyone else on the trail through the Giant Forest.



Our fun ended when Layla had to get her shots.

(No one had told her why we were there… so she was as happy as a clam!)



Layla loves her Daddy.



And… after her shots.

She was ready to just take a nap. With her straw in hand, of course.



And! Then it was Jon’s birthday!

So we decorated for his arrival home from work. :)



And we baked him a cake…



Layla got a new walker…



… to exercise these glorious legs.



…she discovered how to stand in her crib.



…and was just as pleased as punch with herself.



We went junk hunting and thrifting.

Layla is a good little shopping partner.



…especially when she decides to take a nap and gives mommy a whole hour to roam the aisles of Hobby Lobby!



And that was our week (ish)!

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Hope y’all had a great week!

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