My week in camera phone pictures.



She loves to fall asleep with daddy.



I’ve been letting Layla taste pretty much every kind of baby food to see what she likes and doesn’t like.



More out of amusement than curiosity, I let her try prunes.



She couldn’t gobble them up quick enough.

She LOVED it!



My sunflower from the farmer’s market.

I noticed that as the big sunflower died, two new buds bloomed.

I am having such a hard time throwing this away…

I feel like I need to give the baby sunflowers a chance to live and be beautiful.

And, while they are enjoying their new life, the big one is all sad and dead on my kitchen counter.

Somehow, someway there must be something significant in this circle of sunflower life.

Maybe I should take these ponderings to a therapist for evaluation. haha



Layla received a package in the mail…

a cute dress and big ol’ bow from her Mimi.





It was just aDorABle!

Daddy is helping her model her new clothes…

After the modeling session concluded, we headed out to celebrate the birthday of a friend of ours.

We ate at a yummy mexican food restuarant.

Layla ate more prunes.

All of them.


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