In the blogLight: 8th Edition

Welcome to the 8th Edition of In the blogLight!

I’m not going to even try to justify my absence from regular In the blogLight posts. In fact, consider it done thoughtfully and purposefully to draw out your suspense and anticipation for this next feature. You’re welcome. Or you can cast your judgments on the “lack of follow through” from a pregnant lady great with child. Glass half full? Or glass half empty? Folks, your attitude in life is up to you… the choice is yours.

I am woman. Hear me twist words and manipulate situations to avoid blame while simultaneously provoking a confusing sense of guilt roar.

I accept your apology.

I’m glad we can all be optimists here.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to carry on with the 8th (EIGHTH!! And you had the audacity to question my follow through!) edition of In the blogLight. And, girls, it’s a darn good one! Hold onto your hats! We are going to take a road trip right down Junk Gypsy Lane!

How I Found It:

About a year and a half ago I saw a bunch of bloggers rambling on and on about Round Top, TX (and Warrenton,TX) and about this antique extravaganza. Well, good golly, I didn’t live all that far from there (maybe 3 hours) and it immediately went on my “I-absolutely-will-die-if-I-don’t-go” list. In the process of researching the show, I came across the Junk Gypsy and immediately lost my cotton pickin’ marbles.

What I Love About It:

I am fascinated by their story (so something I would LOVE to do with my mom and sisters), completely intrigued by their carefree attitude and fun-loving philosophy and positively dazzled by their style. I “got” them. I love them. I am hooked. I wish I had a vault of gold coins like Uncle Scrooge in Duck Tales so I could go hog wild and buy everything in their shop. haha

Their products are just so fun. And funky. Modern Flair+Vintage Feel+Junky Vibe+Unique Style+Familiar Feeling. = Style that is the equivalent to comfort food. With all of those plus signs I was required to throw in an equal sign. I couldn’t leave such a mysterious mathematical equation for y’all to figure out. You’d lose sleep. It wouldn’t be right. And the only plausible, fitting and unmistakably correct answer is “Style’s” equivalent to comfort food.  Girls, do you follow me here? Are you with me still?

I’ll try again. They are reminiscent of one-of-a-kind finds that you would find on some remote highway in the middle of no where. Don’t question why you are on that highway, you just are. And, oddly,  you feel safe enough to stop at some hole-in-the-wall, run down shop next to nothing but blowing tumbleweeds. You wouldn’t even think of leaving traces of evidence and DNA to prove that you were there (just in case). You will not think back to every horror movie ever made and question why everything looks vaguely familiar.Yes, it is a perfect, carefree world and you will be rewarded with treasure only to be found by the wanderer at heart. The trusting soul. The naive tourist on a road trip in their brand new car. Because you will not look out of place. Nor will you be pinned as a target. You will somehow be camouflaged in with the surroundings of middle-of-nowhere, USA.  And treasure you will find.

Or… you can just shop their products online and get the same result in the safety of your home, behind locked doors while you watch yet another Forensic Files. Or is that just me?

Oh, come on now. I love a road trip adventure as much as the next “gypsy at heart”. So long as my cell phone gets continuous service and I borrow a wolf named “Hungry” to display as my well-trained “act-on-command” pet.

But that requires more effort than going to Warrenton, TX. After careful consideration, that’s exactly where I went! And all of my dreams came true.

Junk Gypsy… Fall 2009.

They even have a “Prom” on one of the nights…

You dress up and have a hoot. We went as “Queens of the Trailer Park”…

…with our classy Burger King crowns turned glam-fabulous.

And our Goodwill pajama gowns.

…we looked utterly ridiculous. A mix between trailer park, pirate and gypsy.

Did I fail to mention that we had a Queen of the Trailer Park sash? You can find a few more pics here.

Anyhoo. The Junk Gypsy Prom was packed with people and their outfits alone were worth the trip. These Junk Gypsy girls are just a hoot.

In Summation:

The JG style really is unparalleled. (yeah. I did just say that. JG. Throwing out initials like we are buds. Nicknaming them like we go waaayy back. As if they even know who I am or why I would feel so comfortable as to reduce their name to two letters. But they are capitalized out of respect, so that should get me out of being labeled a creepapotamus, right?)  Their blog is fun to read and live vicariously through their adventures. In addition, they back up their talk with worthwhile  product. They are edgy without being cheesy. Authentic. That’s the word I’m looking for. They feel legit. Like they aren’t putting on a show even though everything IS showy. To master that balance deserves some serious credit. These gals have talent. And God bless them for daring to be different  and living their dream. I WILL make it back for another antique week at some point. Mark my words.

Places to find Junk Gypsy:

Blog: Junk Gypsy Blog


Store: Gypsyville Shop

Want to see some product samples?

Of course you do. I’ve hyped it up enough, haven’t I?

Click on the images to take you to the Gypsyville store.

Save the Planet… it’s the only one with cornbread. YES. Well Said.

God Bless Buttermilk Biscuits. Amen and Amen.

Believe in Tall Tales. This should be my life motto.

An anchor with a heart and “forever”? Come on, Jon’s in the Navy…how could I not want this?

Silver Spoons Necklace. Handcrafted from spoons!

This one, too! Also from spoons!!

A Layla shirt that I have a feeling Jon will lose his marbles for.

Ahhhh! I just bought a clear one of these from Kohls and these are so much cuter. Hey Jon! Yoohoo! GREAT stocking stuffer (hint, hint). :)

Everything about this bracelet. YES. (Will also fit in the stocking).

Aren’t they the cutest? All of it? Everything?  Need to make friends with Uncle Scrooge and that vault.

♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥

Inspire Co. has come out with Inspired Ideas The Christmas Issue and it is filled to the BRIM with holiday tutorials! Oh my cotton pickin’ goodness… I’ve officially lost my marbles.

Search no more. Call it a day. You will be overloaded with holiday craft ideas from this Ezine alone. And it’s free. Start NOW. Here.

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