In the blogLight: 6th Edition

Welcome to the 6th Edition of In the blogLight!

So y’all may have noticed I took a little summer “hiatus” from my In the blogLight posts. Technically, it was only a few weeks, but I needed a little blogging vacation. The good news is… It’s back! The even better news is… that it is new and improved! Yes, I’m still going to be highlighting fabulous blogs. Same bat time, same bat channel. The only difference is that In the blogLight is not only going to be limited to blogs. I thought about it and decided that there are so many other avenues that deserve recognition so why not include them, too?

For example… Etsy shops/ handmade sites, great blog posts of the week, even a fantastic new product that deserves a little spot light.  I’m still going to highlight a blog a week and perhaps some other miscellany that may catch my attention. I encourage you to link up and do the same! We all would love to know what your favorite blogs, posts, etsy shops,  products and sites are! Without further ado…

What a novel concept, right? The majority of us think this sounds great, but how many of us actually live this philosophy? How many of us would be willing to radically change our lives in order to give to others?

How I found it:

I have followed Stephanie from Metropolitan Mama for quite a while. Actually, about a year now. Do y’all remember me blogging about winning an amazing giveaway last year? Tony Lama Boots! Read about it here.

Well, I won them from Metropolitan Mama. It was the first time I had ever been to her blog and couldn’t believe that I actually won them! I have been a follower ever since (not because I won boots, haha…but because she has a really great blog). Anyway, Metropolitan Mama deserves a whole blogLight on it’s own. And it doesn’t just appeal to other mommy bloggers. Like I’ve said, I’ve read her blog for over a year and wasn’t a “mommy” for the majority of that time.

Back to the story.

So, I read THIS post on her site, in which she explains that they have made the decision to sell everything they own (including their house), buy an RV and travel around living out the philosophy of “Give Every Day”.


That’s NUTS!

And I LOVE it!

Hence, was born.

Why I LOVE it:

What’s not to love about someone with enough faith to step out and do something so radically bold such as this? How many of us are willing to step out of our comfort zones and actually DO what God has put upon on hearts? What an adventure! I just think they are so inspiring. And motivating. And courageous. I just can’t wait to follow their journey and see the plans that the Lord has in store for them.

On a related but separate note, I was watching a sermon today by Francis Chan, former pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley and author of the hugely popular book Crazy Love. I just randomly picked a sermon to listen to… and it happened to be one of his last sermons at Cornerstone.  You can find it here , it is called The Purpose of Your Life on 5/9/10. His whole message was great and definitely worth listening to, but a certain part in particular really made me reflect:

“Too many people just get church all screwed up. They think church is a place where you are supposed to come, evaluate the music, evaluate the message… the child care, the programs. If [I don’t like it], I’ll go to a different one. No, what church was supposed to be was a bunch of people that were spending their days out making disciples, trying to get other people to follow God and they would get so beat up that they would just naturally get together and have this fellowship, this bond where they would bandage one another up and send them back out. And sometimes the reasons why churches don’t work quite right… is because we are like a bunch of soldiers that never went to war and yet we all go to the war hospital and start playing with the bandages saying, “hey look at this” (sarcastically). Ya know? You haven’t even been beat up because you haven’t been at war. And it doesn’t even make sense to gather together and try to encourage each other because we aren’t even after the mission anymore.”

I quoted him pretty much verbatim, which sometimes loses a little bit of the passion when you can’t see or hear the person saying it, as people communicate differently than they would write (ie hand gestures, facial expressions, vocal tones). But you get the jest of it. In context of the message,  we are supposed to be out DOING church. BEING the church. GIVING of ourselves. Yet, in our culture, it is almost shocking and “radical” to watch someone devote their life to living this principle. After hearing this today, I immediately thought of Stephanie and her family and the fact that they are DOers not just talkers. Their passion, courage and conviction should be an inspiration us all.

Follow their journey of DOING, BEING and GIVING at Give Every Day.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Etsy Shop of the Week

This shop is so cute I can hardly stand it! She makes some of the best handmade felt desserts that I have ever seen. Her attention to detail and creativity do not disappoint! A few samples:

{All photos above are from Fabric Fancies Etsy Shop}

I love the Halloween ones! Who am I kidding, I love ALL of her stuff! And there is a ton more!

Go pay her etsy shop a visit here: Fabric Fancies

Or go see her blog here: Fabric Fancies

Products of the Week

Ponds Evening Soothe Towlettes in White Tea

Oh my goodness, these smell amazing. Yes, they take your makeup off… but I can still smell a hint of the White Tea scent on my skin when I go to bed. I love them!

Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes

For Every Body Home Baked Candles

These are some of my favorite candles. I found one at Marshalls called Glazed Donuts and it has made my house smell so delightful. I can’t seem to find that scent online… it may have been in the Pastry Collection that doesn’t appear to have any more products. All of their scents are heavenly and they have a ton of new Fall scents and clearance scents!

For Every Body Candles

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“Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Philippians 4:8 NLT

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