In the blogLight: 10th Edition

Welcome to the 10th Edition of In the blogLight!

Kelly’s Korner is a personal/lifestyle blog of sorts. It is like hanging out at a friend’s house while you are visiting her blog. That is the perfect way for me to describe it. When you read her posts, it’s like a friend is telling you a story and you are on the listening end of the conversation. Her blog has a sense of familiarity that is comforting, like the feeling of knowing that you are in good company.

How I Found It:

I honestly can’t remember how exactly I came across Kelly’s Korner. I am pretty sure I saw it on a lot of different blog rolls and decided to check it out for myself. That was a gazillion years ago (in blog years, of course). I have been a faithful follower ever since.

What I Love About It:

Oh gosh, where do I start? There are so many things I enjoy, but if I were to sum it up I would say it is real. There are only a handful of blogs that I follow that are basically a daily life documentary and, while Kelly’s Korner is a documentary, it is also so much more. Kelly is encouraging. She is empathetic. She has put herself out there as a willing vessel for God to use her (and her blog) to reach so many people. Through uplifting posts. Through prayer. Through encouraging words. Through her own life story… being an example of a real person waiting on the Lord and trusting in His sovereignty. She is humble and down to earth…A combination that God can use for His glory.

There are just great, great posts… like A Day of Prayer. How wonderful it is for people needing prayer to have a place to go…knowing that they will be prayed for. There is comfort in knowing that complete strangers are petitioning to God on your behalf. It is the beautiful part of the body of Christ. Although we may not know each other, we are all still a part of God’s family.

She hosts a weekly linky party called “Show us Your Life”, which has a different themed topic every week. It’s like a big ol’ social of gals gabbing…swapping stories and experiences, recipes and decor. It’s like a girls night on your computer. You can find a schedule of topics here. (Look on the left sidebar)

All of that aside, her daughters are just as cute as buttons. They have the most adorable outfits and headbands ever!

In Summation:

In a world with so much negativity, it is just so refreshing to come across a blog that has a feeling of good. It is a real blog that acknowledges life, friends, motherhood and faith. Kelly’s willingness to be transparent is more encouraging than a false sense of perfection could ever be. We are all at different points in our lives, going through different joys and trials. More than just a peek into her daily life, Kelly’s Korner blog is a common ground for her followers, a place for community, fellowship and friendship alike.

Follow Kelly’s Korner Blog here.

If you have a little daughter, granddaughter, little sister, niece, friend with a daughter… or basically have any little girl in your life… than you need to know about Shining Stars Boutique.

Jessica, the mastermind and creator behind Shining Stars Boutique, is so, so creative and talented! Just take a look at some of her designs!

{Click on the picture to take you to the item}

And these adorable clippie holders? Ugh. Be still my heart.

Aren’t her clips and bows so cute?! And so reasonably priced too! I just love her etsy shop!

Loves around blogland:

A Cath Kidston Royal Wedding Tea Towel that Birdie Blue snagged here.

Did anyone get up early to watch the Royal Wedding? Or could you care less? I didn’t get up early, but I watched the replay. I loved the pageantry of it all… it was like watching something from a different era. And Kate (or should I say Katherine) was just stunning in her beautiful dress. A fairy tale come true for her. :)

Loved this post by Rachel from No 17 Cherry Tree Lane. And her prayer post.

Free Cinco de May Fiesta printables from Tom Kat Studio here.

Have anything you want to share from around the web or in Blogland?

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Happy Reading!

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