There is a restaurant by my house called Huckleberry’s and I have been wanting to go FOREVER!

For obvious namesake reasons…

but then I looked at their website!


Their website states:

“Huckleberry’s serves the best Breakfast & Lunch this side of the ole Mississippi – AAiiee!

It’s California Cookin’ with a Southern Flair. Breakfast items like southern Quiche, Banana’s Foster Waffle, Huck’s Breakfast platters and 4 egg omelets served with country red potatoes. For Lunch were’re servin’ up double stack burgers oven fired sandwiches, with wedge cut or sweet potato fries. Salad’s like the Blue Bayou wedge, and specialty items such as Cajun catfish amd mushroom smothered skirt steak are just a few of the highlights.

So grab grandma, the kids, and the dog, (well maybe not the dog) and get on down to Huckleberry’s.

You gonna love dis place!!”

Fireflies. Alligators. Bayous. Steamboats. Southern cookin’.



So we loaded up and headed on down to Huckleberry’s!




This is my kind of place!

And definitely his kind of place!



I thought their decor was too cute!


I LOVE these lights.

And they had crates on the wall!

Reminded me of this post.

Crates as shelves to house your decor. Yes, please.

I have a weird fascination with all things Bayou.

We even had a Bayou themed Rehearsal Dinner for our Wedding.

No, I’m not joking.



Layla…checking out the alligator. 😉


Her doll made a nice addition to the table decor.



Oh hay!


Daddy playing with Layla’s doll.



Layla would rather play with her rings.



She is quite impressed with the concept of gravity.


“It’s amazing… when you let go of the rings, they fall to the ground. EVERY TIME.

It’s like magic.” -Layla



“And! After they fall to the ground. Mommy or Daddy picks them up and gives them right back to me so I can do it again! Every time!” -Layla


“That is what I call “running the show” or a little thing I like to call “success”. ” -Layla



While Layla trained us to play fetch, we ate a delicious meal.

Jon had breakfast.


I splurged and had lunch.



And neither disappointed!

If you are ever in Central California… I recommend you pay Huckleberry’s a visit! :)


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