House Guests and National Parks.

This last weekend my parents came up for a visit, which was a nice break from projects around the house.

We started out at the Farmers Market…

…and somehow ended up at Superior Dairy for Ice Cream.

How did that happen?

Superior is a cute little Ice Cream shop in our downtown area. It appears that the decor has not changed since 1929…which gives it it’s charm. Not to mention the ridiculously delicious ice cream.

My mom and dad.

My mom and I shared two scoops of ice cream: Maple Nut and Banana. This is what Superior considers “two scoops”.  It’s a good thing this all happened before I went to the dietitian for my gestational diabetes! haha He would have scolded me! (More on that later) I figured a few bites of ice cream wouldn’t hurt me… and it didn’t. My blood sugar wasn’t even elevated above normal when I did my test.

Now Jon and my dad on the other hand…

Ordered a banana split (each) and this is what they got. hahaha

Our goal was just to keep them alive that night after consuming so much sugar. 😉

Halfway through… pace yourself… you can do it.

The next day, while I had an appointment with a RN and Dietitian for my Gestational Diabetes, Jon showed my parents around base and they were even able to get in for a Simulator. I wish I had pictures to document that… but I wasn’t there to see it. 😉

We hung out the rest of the day… did a little shopping, went to dinner, etc.

Jon and my dad endured our trip to Marshalls.

The next day we were off to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Jon getting his first cancellation stamp in our National Parks Passport Book. You might remember that from here.

I found a pregnant tree! haha

At the General Sherman tree.

Peek-a-boo.  😉

A tree with a tunnel in it.

General Sherman from afar.

THEN! We saw a bear!

It looked much bigger in real life!

It was just minding it’s own business walking through the forest.

And we were off to picnic and then to the General Grant Tree.

A hallowed out tree with a trail going through it.

Coming out the other side of the tree.

Now… we are on our way to Kings Canyon.

haha. My mom.

Unfortunately, they were having a controlled burn that day… which meant very hazy pictures. :(

Although Sequoia is much more popular… I was stunned with how pretty Kings Canyon is. I always figured they were kind of one in the same… but that didn’t turn out to be true at all. Kings Canyon was completely unique with a beauty all it’s own.

hahaha. Jon in the background.

This one reminded us of a Saguaro cactus! 😉

And as evening settled in… the forest creatures came out…

…like this cute little deer. Look at those ears. :)

I have no idea why, but almost all animals remind me of my dogs. Therefore, I love them.

And we lived happily ever after.

The end.

Well, that was the end of Kings Canyon anyway. The sun was starting to set and we were all getting hungry. Except me. I was starving like a rabid animal. More on that story in another post. It wasn’t pretty. haha

Sunday we went to church and to lunch and my parents had to head back home.

It was a fun visit… definitely nice to get out of the house and not think about all the things that weren’t getting done.

Now, I am almost up to date with my blog posts. Almost.

I’ll be back.

Rest assured.

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