Crocheted Hearts



I had a little fun crocheting different hearts for Valentine’s day…


And hung them clothesline style to give our valance a little Valentine spirit. 😉


Hearts with scallops…


Red, pink and white wonky hearts…


…and classic red hearts.


They are all a little different…

but they like to hang out together.

Consider them BFFs.

Happy hearts = a happy me.


Happy Valentine’s Day!



Valentine Candy Cane Hearts


Yes. Another candy cane craft for Valentine’s Day.

Can you tell I need to use up candy canes? 😉

But the red and white stripes really are cute and perfectly fitting for the occasion.

And all you need is a glue gun.

And, of course, candy canes.


Gather up an equal number of candy canes.

Dab some glue at the intersections.

32See the dots?


Press the second candy cane down on top of the glue dots and hold for approximately 8.2 seconds.

Let it dry. Another 6.8 seconds.

And you are done.

Line the hearts up in rows and admire your work.

35It’s not like a child could assemble this craft.

Children shouldn’t play with hot glue.

Feel special.

And admire your work some more.

39Hang them anywhere your heart desires. Heart. Seeee?

I apologize.

I placed my heart on my pink sparkly garland down my stairs.

You may have  noticed them in my pennant post.

41Maybe not.

They are kind of just hanging out… all incognito like.

Easy heart decorations.

Upcycling holiday decor. That’s how I roll.

Happy Valentine’s!


DIY Valentine Pennants: Indoor AND Outdoor.


Outdoor {weatherproof} Pennants.


Indoor Pennants.


Ahh. Don’t you just love cheerful pennants?

And they are such an easy, festive decoration for Valentine’s day.

For the Great Outdoors:

Some of you may recall my outdoor Halloween Pennant Tutorial… (if not, you can see it here).

These are pretty much the same thing, but different holiday.

What makes these pennants different is the material used. Instead of fabric (or paper) we use a durable vinyl that is relatively weatherproof. And by weatherproof, I am talking minor elements like light rain, dust, breezes… NOT torrential downpours, tornadoes, hurricanes and wind gusts exceeding 20 mph. In other words, these pennants or easily cleaned by wiping them down and can tolerate getting a little wet.

1I always make my outdoor pennants out of vinyl tablecloths and placemats. You can always be sure to find a good selection of holiday prints at Big Lots. Except Valentine’s Day for some reason… which was a little disappointing. I did, however, find pink stripes in the Big Lots home section… which just means I will have to be a little more creative to make them look like Valentine’s pennants. No problem. (As Alf would say.)


Make a triangle stencil… out of fabric or paper…just so you can have even pennants.

Cut ’em out!

3I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could get 4 triangles out of one placemat! (Each placemat costs $1.00)

The placemats are already double sided… which makes it easy when cutting.

On the tablecloth, fold the vinyl over and cut two layers at once so you have a front and a back for the pennant.


With your left over scrap pieces, cut out shape and letters like XOXO or hearts. It is a cute detail that only takes a few minutes.

45The letters and shapes don’t have to be perfect.

Next… you are going to sew them,  string them and hang them! That tutorial can be found here.

I used a sturdy jute rope to hang them since they were going outside on the porch.


For the Great Indoors:

19For indoor pennants… you can use an array of materials. I love using fabric. It’s easy to cut and sew and the options for prints are endless.

Just like the outdoor pennants, cut out your triangles. However, you don’t have to double up unless you want to make two triangles at once.

The difference is how you are going to sew these.

Simply turn the top of the triangle down and sew a straight line…leaving a space for ribbon to pass through.


That. Is. It.

20This is a view of the back.

The arrow is pointing where the fabric was turned down and sewn.

Easy peasy.

21Next, get a spool of ribbon. (or yarn or jute… whatever your heart desires.)

22Attach a small safety pin to the end of the ribbon.

This will help when stringing the pennants onto the ribbon.

23String the ribbon through. Bet you are glad that you used that safety pin now! 😉

24…and pull all the way through.

Repeat with all of your pennants.


And hang ’em up!


We have a little cut out window where our stairs are… and it was the perfect place to hang some pennants.

12Some more pennants:



Yeah. You could say I’ve lost my marbles for Valentine’s Day. :)