Happy New Year


Anyone there?

I’ve had it on my heart to start blogging again… and is there a better time than on New Year’s Day?


On January 2nd. Fashionably late. I already fell off the face of the blogearth a year ago, so what’s one more day? 😉

Obviously, so much has happened since I stopped blogging… and the thought of “catching up” is the culprit that overwhelmed me into not blogging at all. So. A quick summary of impactful life events and then a fresh start for the new year. Fair? :)

Surprise! Husband unexpectedly deploys for the 2nd time, 4 months after having Emma.

The girls and I move to Southern California to be closer to family.

Surprise! Find out a few weeks before Jon is scheduled to return home that we are moving (completely unexpectedly) to Alabama.

Homecoming! Hurray! Deployment is over! We survived. :)

A week later, fly to Alabama to house hunt. Buy a house.

Cross country move… 3 weeks on the road. Took Route 66 from California to Missouri, sight-seeing along the way. (It was fabulous!) Spent a little time in Branson and visiting Jon’s family in Arkansas before settling into our new Sweet Home Alabama!

A month after moving to Alabama, Surprise! (kind of)… we are having another baby!

Find out in November, it’s a BOY!

Layla turns 3! (Emma is almost 21 months)

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… now.
(Jon’s first holidays with the girls, aside from when Layla was 1 month old during her first Christmas)

All caught up. :)

So here we are. Living in Alabama (LOVE IT HERE), I’m  just about 7 months pregnant (due April 4th). Jon had the good fortune of taking a year off of to get his Master’s degree at a military school (A BIG OL’ scoop of BLESSING!), Layla started dance lessons and LOVES every second of it and Emma is growing like a weed… changing from a baby toddler to a little toddler girl every day. Life has slowed down the last 6 months (although 3+ months of the last 6 has been horrific morning sickness), and that change of pace was exactly what we needed. The good Lord has given us a year of rest, recuperation and the opportunity to be a whole family again.  Hallelujah!


Well, I know you all are dying to know. What did we do for New Year’s Eve?! (haha!)

We were party animals.

No. Really.

We took the girls to the Zoo to see their big Christmas light display. We have been savoring Christmas and want to squeeze every last drop of Christmas festivity out of 2013. And it was the last night to go. 😉



Two little girls all snuggly and warm.




Emma didn’t last very long. She was way too comfortable not to fall asleep and miss all of the lights.



She even slept through “warm” chocolate and cookies. (But we won’t tell her that.)

6 7

Happy Zoo Year to you! :)

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has stopped by to visit or emailed while I took a hiatus from the blog world, and those who randomly end up here to follow along on our journey. Although I plan on blogging more regularly this year (though not every day), you can always follow our snippets of life on Instagram (IG name: Huckleberryprairie) or facebook. (Come say hi!). And Pinterest, too!!

Lots of love and blessings to you in the New Year!


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  • cindy

    Nice to see you back to blogging again. I love keeping up with you guys. Congratulations on Baby #3. :)

  • Samantha Allen

    Yay yay Yaaaay! Welcome back!!

  • The Park Wife

    I am so glad you are back! Go check out Alabama Women Bloggers. It is free to join. It is
    an encouraging community like the one I started in Arkansas 5 years ago (I own Alabama site too, have some great gals running it). So happy for y’all, wonderfully blessed. @TheParkWife