Halloween Decoupaging

One thing that I love about decoupaging… is that it allows you to create a project out of just about anything. The other day I was in Home Goods and spotted a couple of really cute, vintage-inspired Halloween gift bags. I really didn’t need Halloween gift bags… but the print was so cute and since they were less than $1.50 each… I knew I could do something with them. I just had to get them. 😉


My next stop was Michaels. I found a paper mache box and devised a plan. First, I painted the box black.


I cut open the gift bag.


…and cut out the picture that I wanted to use for the box.


Next, I cut out these little rascal kids along with the border of the bag.


Ahoy! I spot me some Mod Podge!


Slap a coat of this miracle glue on the back of the cut outs…


…and adhere the paper to the box… exactly how you want it.


Arrange the rest of the characters.


I cut out the square shape pattern around the bag and applied it to the edges of the lid.


After the glue is dry, apply another think layer of Mod Podge to the top of the paper. This will seal it.


…and will eventually dry clear.


Like this! :)


And now I have a little box to display or to store Halloween goodies. :)


My second project was to make a little door hanger.


My second bag…


Again, I painted the hanger black.


…and glued on my picture how I wanted it.

I tied on some ribbon and had a door hanger within minutes!


Lastly, a picture display of the bigger image from the bag. Paint the wood black…and glue the image on. Seal it… and you are done!


Now you went from gift bag… to Halloween decor to display in your home… within minutes!


It can be challenging to find cute vintage-inspired images for crafting. However, keep your eyes open for unconventional ways to transform something you like… into something you will use. Gift bags, wrapping paper, cards, stationary, prints, newspaper, magazine pictures, etc can all be used for decoupaging… and unfinished wood items can be found at Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby or Crafts Etc for relatively cheap. The best part is… it is so easy that it can be done as a kids craft and takes very little time to complete!

Happy Decoupaging!


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