God Winks

There are moments in life that are so special, so unique to you that it can’t be mere coincidence. The timing, location, situation and people involved have to perfectly align in order for this specific moment to occur. It is so abundantly obvious that God has created that moment just for you. A God wink.

A few weeks ago, I experienced my own God wink.

The background:

Jon and I both love aviation.

Both have been fascinated with flight since we were kids.

Both of us wanted to be pilots.

Both of us pursued aviation before we even met.

Needless to say, flying is something we are both passionate about… something that is important to both of us.

I wrote about my aviation love story a while back… so I won’t reiterate for those of you that already know it.

(If you haven’t read it, here is Part 1 and Part 2)

Anyway, to sum it up, we like airplanes in our family. 😉 Our kids will inevitably have a lot of exposure to aviation, especially since Jon’s career is flying. However, we don’t expect our children to like it just because we do. It is definitely something we don’t want to force on them. And if they aren’t into it, that is perfectly fine. Really.

With that being said, I can’t help but wonder if Layla will be as captivated by airplanes as I am. I couldn’t wait for the day that Layla took notice to an airplane all on her own. (as most kids do)

Fast forward to present day. (a few weeks ago, to be exact)

Jon, Layla and I were on the long 5 hour trek to visit my parents.

Normally it takes us almost 8 hours with Layla, with all of the stops to feed her and to give her a break from her car seat. We couldn’t believe that she slept almost the entire way on this trip! She started to wake up about 30 minutes from our destination… so we pulled off on the next freeway exit…which just so happened to be right next to the airport I used to fly out of. It brought back a ton of memories… thinking of all of the days I drove that road to go fly. It was the only reason I drove that road… but even more memorable, it was the landmark road that I spotted from the air to turn toward the airport in the airplane to land. Literally every flight I flew, I used this particular road as a guide to land.

So there we were. Stopping to feed Layla in a little shopping center on the road I used to fly over.

Layla was taking a little break, sitting in daddy’s lap. I snapped a picture with my phone and must have got the sunlight just right. The result? Saint Peanut. Perhaps it was a sign that something divine was about to happen.  😉

Jon decided to walk Layla around on the sidewalk in the parking lot… just to get her out of the car for a little bit.

And guess what came overhead?

A little Cessna. The same plane that I fly. At the same place I used to fly!

And guess what caught Layla’s attention?

The plane! The plane!

She turned her head and looked up to see it fly by.

I snapped my camera phone picture just in time to get Layla looking at the plane and the plane passing overhead.

What are the odds?

I mean, really?

The first time that an airplane catches Layla’s attention is 5 hours from home at the same place I learned to fly airplanes? And a Cessna?! Not Jon’s fighter jet… my little putt putt Cessna! haha  Even better, Jon was able to share that moment with her and I got to capture it. On a beautiful evening with a spectacular sunset.

It was a moment where everything lined up too perfectly to be coincidence. It was a moment where you can just feel God wink at you. An “I knew you would love this” moment. And I did. I absolutely loved it. Something that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else… something that is seemingly so insignificant… meant the world to me.

You may believe moments like these are just random events occurring simultaneously to create a coincidence.

Not me.

I believe in a God that creates special moments just for you. Because He loves you. Because He wants a relationship with you as an individual, as the unique creation that He designed you to be. To delight you. To capture your heart and remind you that He loves you. He knows your thoughts, your dreams, your desires. And He places little nuggets of joy in the most mundane of days. Totally unexpected. Completely unplanned. When you least expect it, you are very much aware that God intended this moment just for you.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of  feeling so small, so insignificant in the eyes of the Creator. (of the UNIVERSE!!) There is absolutely nothing He needs from me. Yet, He thoughtfully and purposefully created me for His glory and desires a relationship with me. Amazing! The God who crafted Jupiter and Saturn and supergiant stars cares if I love Him. If that doesn’t humble you, nothing will.

Don’t take my word for it. Take His word:

I believe in God that winks. Do you? :)

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