Gnomes, Meese and Mountains

My parents took me on a drive to a little mountain town, Idyllwild…not too far from their house.

It was nice to get some fresh air and see the mountain scenery. :)



We drove through a big valley with mountains on every side…

I love the prairie in the middle of mountains… it is just so pretty.


We went to a restaurant called the Gastrognome (what a name)… which was themed around gnomes (which is completely normal). I personally liked this big tree growing in between two of the walls at the restaurant. I have a feeling that tree was growing long before the restaurant was built.  😉 Good for them for building around it. And good for them for hanging a gnome flying a makeshift airplane in the window.


My mom…


We hit up a few of the little shops after lunch… Pony Express was one of my favorites. It was all western themed clothes and products (my kind of shop)!


And The Spruce Moose! I love meese! Don’t you dare correct me. Hear me out first:

Goose is to Geese…


Moose is to Meese.

Got it? Meese it is. Add that to your vocabulary.


A shot of the main street with all of the shops. Isn’t the mountain so pretty in the background?



A view of the drive on the way down the mountain… it looks like the Great Valley in the Land Before Time. (You know the dinosaur movie with Little Foot and Sharp Tooth?)



My dad’s driving + windy mountain roads + sitting in the backseat with no view of the road= one carsick Melissa.

And I never get motion sickness. Go figure.

Aside from that, it was a fun day with gnomes and meese and mountains. :)

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