Get to know me...and other blogs party.

Lynnette over at Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground is having a little blog party today… you are supposed to link up your blog and write a post with 10 fun/interesting things about yourself (which is optional). The point is to get to know everyone a little better…and to find blogs that you may not have discovered yet. :) I thought it would be fun… so I’m linking up… and you should to. 😉 Here goes:

1. I can never think of anything interesting about myself when I’m put on the spot. That, and I feel like I will repeat an interesting fact that I’ve already previously disclosed in another blog post. And that would be tragic. 😉

2. I rarely go to the movies. Mostly because I can’t stand the thought of sitting still for 2 hours (No, I don’t have ADD…I know that is what you are thinking haha)… and there are few movies that I actually have any interest in seeing.

3. I like mysteries. It started as a child: Scooby Doo. The board game Clue. RL Stine books. Unsolved Mysteries (tell me you can watch that alone and I will call your bluff. The theme music alone gives me the willies… but I loved it as a kid). And now… I lose my marbles for Forensic Files, 48 hour mystery…anything on Tru TV. Not Reality. Actuality.

4. I love to sew…but I very rarely follow a pattern. It is like reading Greek to me: frustrating and baffling. Yes, I’m pattern illiterate. And yes, I would like your sympathy. (I bet you wouldn’t give me your sympathy if you found out that my mom was a professional seamstress… I just never took a serious interest in learning until I moved 3 states away. :( I know. Woe is me. haha)

5. I get on crazy cereal kicks… and I will crave a certain type of cereal for weeks. Then I never want to see it again (for at least a year). Count Chocula…Strawberry Shredded Wheat… Frosted Flakes… Kix… and (if you are dying to know) I am currently losing my marbles for Honey Nut Cherrios.

6. I am a total night person. I hate getting up early…and I don’t care what you morning people say… a night person doesn’t “get use to” getting up early. Even if you go to bed early (good luck getting to sleep). It never gets easier. It is agony. With that being said, when I do have to get up early… I’m not grumpy. I think that is such a cop out excuse for negative people to be mean.

7. I can’t stand seeing/reading celebrity gossip magazines. Unless I am on a plane or getting a pedicure. For some reason, those situations make reading those types of magazines necessary. haha Even though I could completely care less about the people in them… I suddenly NEED to know “who wore it best” or “celebrities…they’re just like us!”.

8. Now that I am out of the “business” world… I hate wearing heels. I used to wear them every day to work and loved them. Now, if it is not a wedge you will have to bribe me to wear them. (Except for special occasions or going out at night). Daytime = flats.

9. While I’m on topic of wardrobe… I hate jeans. I am NOT a “jeans and t-shirt” kind of gal. I would prefer a dress or skirt any day of the week. They are cuter and much more comfortable, in my opinion.

10. I’m on a roll… so I’ll keep going. I hate short shorts, too. Upon the strict instruction of What Not to Wear, I wear nothing shorter than a walking short or bermuda short…unless I’m going to the beach. (Which is not very often these days) And that concludes my interesting (or not so interesting) facts about me! Now go over to Lynnette’s and link up! PS… I haven’t been MIA… I just got back from visiting family and will be back to regular blog posts soon! I will post pics of my California adventures tomorrow! :)

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  • Lily

    Is there another of these set for the future?