Friday Pieday: Week 3: Orange Meringue Pie


I wanted to try something different, something that I have never tasted before… but also use a fruit that was currently in season. With the abundance of oranges everywhere, naturally it was the first thing that I thought of: Orange pie.

So after a little research, I found a recipe that I thought would be good: Orange Meringue Pie.

I followed the ingredients and directions exactly to give the recipe an honest review.


In the details:

The recipe instructed that the pie filling cool to room temperature before topping it with meringue. This is the first recipe that I have seen ask for a citrus, meringue-topped pie to cool first. Typically, most seem to recommend that the hot filling be immediately covered with meringue to “seal” the filling to meringue, hence, prevented it from separating. After a little research, I found many conflicting opinions… some saying that pouring meringue on hot filling will result in too much steam, causing the meringue to separate and get “weepy”. Bakers in this camp believe that room temperature filling is best to cover with meringue as long as it is followed with a relatively low baking temperature for a short amount of time (in this case it was 350* for 15 minutes, to brown the meringue). This way, the steam gradually escapes and seals the filling and meringue together. So I decided I would give this method a try. The result:  I did not have an issue with the meringue separating or weeping, so I’m going to say the room temperature way worked. 😉



The verdict:

The taste is pretty much what I expected it to be… reminiscent of lemon meringue, but not as tart. The orange flavor is really subtle. In my opinion, the most identifying taste in the pie is a tangy, citrus-y, but not quite lip-puckering-tart like a lemon pie, flavor. It was good, but almost needed a little more “orange” flavor. The recipe calls for 1 cup of juice from an orange and 1/2 cup of lemon juice, which I followed. I would love to experiment and see what an orange juice only version (and omit the lemon juice) would taste like. Another issue with mine was the consistency. I could tell as I poured the filling into my crust that it was going to be gummy, which I am not going to fault with the recipe, necessarily. I think tempering with the temperature and cooking time could remedy that. The meringue turned out fantastic and was the perfect light topping for this pie. Overall, I think this recipe has the potential to be great, and if the mood strikes, I may just experiment a little bit with it. 😉 As is, I probably wouldn’t serve it to dinner guests, as I don’t think it is absolutely remarkable. However, I do think it is a suitable pie for those who are adventurous enough to try a citrus pie but prefer something less tart than lemon meringue.

And, there you have it. Orange Meringue Pie.

I hope you enjoy your slice of Friday Pieday! I’d love to know what pie you had today!

Love and Blessings from my Pie Kitchen to Yours,



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    YUM! This sounds delicious!