Flaunt Your Red: Vintage Handkerchiefs in Float Frames

I am so excited to join the “Flaunt Your Red” Party this week at Poofing the Pillows. Red is my favorite color… you would have never guessed judging by the red on my blog. 😉 I have always admired a little project my Mom put together in her living room. Her colors are black and white, accented with red. I took a few pictures on my last visit to her house and thought I would share. :)

She collected vintage handkerchiefs… all in red and white. Next, she starch pressed them nice and flat… and displayed them in a collage of black float frames. It is such an easy project and is so darn cute. I’ll show you around these fabulous vintage hankies… take a look:

There you have it. My first Flaunt Your Red party post. :) And a fun little DIY project that can be done with any hanky pattern or design, using any colors that suit your fancy.

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