Father's Day

We couldn’t think of a better place to go on Father’s Day than to the Bass Pro Shop.

It is like Disneyland for the outdoor enthusiast.

I lose my marbles in there.

And I don’t fly fish. Or kayak. Or wrestle bears.

Not that I am opposed.

(Well, maybe not the bear part.)

I just grew up in the wrong part of the country for extreme outdoor-ism.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

♥   ♥   ♥

It was Jon’s first time here!

We found a big ol’ deer? buck? elk? beast of the land?


I need help.

I probably wouldn’t try to wrestle one like this either.

(I should help write an outdoor survival guide with wisdom like that)



Layla liked all of the taxidermy animals.



After I taught Jon a thing or two about outdoor survival, bow hunting and ice fishing, we had dinner at the Islamorada Fish House inside Bass Pro.

Because it was father’s day.

I detest fish and all of their underwater friends.

But just look at this happy Arkansan camper.


With his catfish and alligator.

Yes. Alligator.

And I tried it.

Because it was father’s day.

Verdict: It doesn’t taste like chicken.

Or like anything that should be in your mouth.

I’ll leave it at that.

Jon said that he has had better alligator.

All two times that he has had it. 😉 haha



“Father’s Day?! I thought every day was Layla day!” -Layla


Hey guys! It’s me! Slobberpotamus!


If I can reach it… it goes in my mouth.

Like this:


I enjoy things that I am not supposed to have the most.


And then it gets taken away.


Well, if I can’t eat the crayons… then give me the camera!


C’mon mom! Just a couple chews! I’ll give it back, I promise!


Like you can say no to this face.


Really? You can?




Fine. I’ll just snuggle with daddy.

Because it’s Father’s (and Layla) Day.



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