Emma Jo is Here!


Well, I should say Emma Jo has been here. 


And, follow up with… Mama has been busy taking care of a newborn and hasn’t had a chance to update the ol’ blog.


So I’m four months late.

That’s only like 4 billion years in blogging time.



Back to the important stuff.

Emma Jo.

A whopper of a baby.

8.8 lbs!!



Ok, maybe not a whopper.

But certainly a healthy eater.



My sister, Jessica,  took these newborn pictures for me and I loved them!

She also captured the only time Emma Jo would ever take a pacifier. haha


Little ruffled bottom, courtesy of my Mom.

And so it begins. The story.

Well, not the whole story…but a summation.

Everything went great despite Emma coming so quickly that I didn’t have time for an epidural.



The words “we don’t have time for an epidural” will forever haunt my nightmares. PTSD for life.


Ok, maybe not THAT bad.

But I earned every bit of looking this bad and displaying it publicly on a blog for all to see. It is a badge of honor. And I’ll wear it with no shame.

On second thought, a little shame.

But it was the moment that I met my little girl (and pushing was over… hallelujah!) and I will forever cherish both of those things. :)


Layla and my parents meeting Emma for the first time.

Emma had to be under the light for a few days due to jaundice.

Our blood types were incompatible.

BUT, knowing that was a possibility, she was tested right away and began treatment soon after. She was monitored closely and recovered quickly.

It was heartbreaking to see her like this.

To not be able to hold her and snuggle her, except for feedings.

And, I cherished those few snuggle moments.

(It kind of looks like she is feeding here… she is NOT. She is just snuggled up next to me asleep.)

Emma and Daddy.

Caught: Jon sneaking my vegetables into an empty McDonalds chicken nugget container. hahaha

A whole pregnancy with gestational diabetes and no epidural… I earned that Sonic Dr. Pepper and McDonalds.

I should note that I was advised that I could eat anything that I wanted…we weren’t being that sneaky,  just thought it was funny that we were embarrassed to have an untouched plate of vegetables in front of us. haha

I was released from the hospital after two days, but Emma had to stay another two days after that. So, I actually never left her side.

But when both of us could leave… hallelujah!

I barely got a picture of her “going home” outfit.

It is a cute little onesie that says “there’s no place like home” with a pair of blinged out ruby slippers. Ironically, there couldn’t be a more appropriate outfit having to stay a few extra days.

She also had on a “Dorothy blue” gingham cover that my mom made. Unfortunately, her crocheted ruby red slippers did not fit her. :(

Baby feet. Ahhhh…love them!

Layla saying hi to her new best buddy.

Layla has been so good with Emma. No real jealousy toward her (yet, haha)…she is more curious about her and loves to interact with her.

There is so, so much more to update y’all about… and that post will be coming really soon. It only took me 4 months to get the birth of Emma posted. haha I promise I won’t take that long on the next one. 😉

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  • http://twitter.com/samhatesbirds Sam Allen

    Looooove this update!! And I love following your adventures on Instagram! Congratulations on your second beautiful little lady!

  • Anonymous

    Love it!! Congrats!!!! My girls were tha

  • Anonymous

    oops! I was trying to say my girls were that big + so I feel your pain- mostly! I had the drugs!

  • Deborah

    So adorable!!! Love her ruffle butt, carrier cover, and going home outfit! Too cute!