Easter Pictures

I have so many posts to catch up on, but decided it will be easiest to start now and go backwards.

Bear with me. 😉

My sister and I took pictures of Layla for Easter. (Read: My sister took the pictures and I was present. haha) I didn’t take Layla to the Easter Bunny or have “professional” pictures done, but if you ask me, I think these are just as good. My sister did a fantastic job. I love that we had the opportunity to get Easter pictures with the real reason for Easter: the cross… the symbol of God’s love and plan for our salvation.

Unfortunately, Jon was away for work so we didn’t get a family picture. And I was in them as more of a method to prop Layla up since she can’t completely sit up by herself yet. 😉 But I actually ended up loving the fact that I have a picture of Layla and me in front of the cross. It is so deeply meaningful to me as I want nothing more than for Layla to grow up knowing the Lord and having a heart to love and serve Him.

Be still my heart.

Those bunny ears. Those eyes. Those cheeks. The chin. That hand. That face.

I may be biased, but she is the cutest baby bunny I have ever seen. :)

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