Doctors Appointment and an Update

A quick update:

There is no update. haha

How “quick” was that? 😉

I haven’t dilated any more than the last time I was checked 11 days ago. We’re talking a ONE. And the doctor said he was being generous with that! haha

I’m measuring normal, fluids are where they should be (sounds like I just got a diagnostic test result from Jiffy Lube), Layla’s heart beat is still purring it’s sweet sounds… and all is looking well.

So I can’t complain one bit.

Originally, the doctor wanted to induce me at 39 weeks but since my body isn’t progressing naturally… going through with the induction will greatly increase my chances of a C-section. So, we’ve decided to wait another week before inducing. The way I see it… if Layla is still all cozy and cookin’, there is no rush to get her out… so long as there is no great risk for continuing on another week. Which there doesn’t appear to be in my case.

The wait continues.

Perseverance produces character, right? 😉

Small confession:

I’m not exactly suffering over here.  I absolutely want to meet her and can’t wait for her arrival but I’m not burdened by this waiting period. It seems that a lot of women get really uncomfortable (and pretty miserable) toward the end of their pregnancy and “can’t WAIT to get the baby out of them”. I am counting it as a blessing that I’m not experiencing that sort of frustration. Yes, my activity level is limited… I can’t walk around shopping for hours without wanting to chop off my feet at the ankle haha, but for the most part I manage just fine. So please don’t consider this update as a ploy for sympathy. Except for Jon. Pretend you never read the previous  paragraph. I need sympathy! Perhaps in the form of a big taco salad from the Mexican restaurant downtown. And maybe a day at the spa. 😉 haha

That’s all I got folks.

I’m going to go make dinner now and double up so I can freeze another meal. And, I’m considering making some Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls to freeze for after Layla arrives (when I can actually eat them). And, of course, I will use those rolls to lure guests to come visit. ha! I just so happen to know that any female related to me can’t resist a warm cinnamon roll. Am I taking advantage of their weakness? Or providing them joy in a pan? You decide. As for me, I’m an optimist. The glass if half full. Of milk. To wash down the sweet cinnamony goodness. Amen.

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