Disneyland Half Marathon!!!


I have trained for this day for months…the Disneyland Half Marathon…and it is finally here! If you read my previous post on the marathon status, you may remember how sick I have been all week long. I was really scared that I wouldn’t feel well enough to participate. I decided on Saturday that I was going to do what I could… and not try to over-do it considering how I have been feeling. If I finish, then I finish. And if I don’t, at least I gave it my best shot. It is just so frustrating to train for so long only to not be able to perform at my potential. However, all in all, I was just happy to be well enough to even give it a try.

So… off to Disneyland we go!!

On Saturday, Emily and I headed down to the Expo to pick up our race bibs and to check out the booths and festivities.

In line to get our numbers…


Got it! We’re official!



Off to the Expo… I think I found the perfect shirt for me. haha


Ooohh.. Look who I found! May I have this dance??


Why, yes Goofy, you may. We shall Tango.


And we did.

After a big carb-filled dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, we called it a night. Our plan was to be in bed by 7pm… but that didn’t happen. The fact that we were actually in bed by 8pm with the lights off was a miracle in itself. Not that we slept a wink…it is so hard to sleep when you anticipate getting up at 3am the next morning…and 3am comes awfully quick. It seemed like I had just fallen asleep when the alarm went off.

Here we are…my sisters and me… in all of our 4am glory.

This is the perfect example of what happens to night owls when you get them up at 3am.

We look like this. At least we had cute shirts to make up for it. 😉


Janelle, Emily, Me and Jessica.


Emily and I were herded up into our corral. Yes. Like cattle.


And… GO!

At the beginning of the marathon… looking spry.

Except Emily is a little blurry from her swift movement.

Me? Not so much. I run like a rhinoceros.



There were several school bands, cheerleaders and performers along the way to keep us motivated.


Around mile 3, my iliotibial band (knee) began to hurt like nobody’s business… which tends to happen from time to time when I run. I knew that it was going to be a loooong 10 more miles. My motivation: Angel Stadium!! The Big A was at mile 10… and I would go through hell and high water to get there.


As we rounded the parking lot of the Honda Center… I could see the Big A halo on the horizon.

I just about lost my marbles…

Exhibit A: No Marbles.


Getting closer…


…and closer!!


We’re here!!!


Walking the field.

We were on the jumbo screen!


The view from home plate!



Goooo Angels!


I am one happy girl.


…despite the fact that my legs felt like they were going to fail me.

At this point, we were on mile 10… and everything hurt. Knee was throbbing, shin splints and leg cramps….

but I couldn’t give up at this point. 3 more miles… the longest of the race for me.

Onward Ho!


Mile 12… and these characters! This just about made my day! Chefs on stilts! haha


Going through California Adventure.

The FINAL stretch!




Just crossed the finish line. And ready to collapse. haha


My Medal!

I did it. And I could hardly walk at the end. :/


Jessica and me displaying our shiny gold Sleeping Beauty castle medals.


I can’t even begin to describe how sore I am. But more than that, I am just so happy that I finished. It took so much mental determination to finish the race considering how bad my legs hurt. 13.1 miles is A LOT longer than I ever imagined it to be… I think I will stick with a 5k for my next race. That is, if my legs ever heal from this one. 😉


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