Disney Marathon DIY Shirts

This weekend we participated in the Disneyland half marathon… and an occasion like this deserves the proper attire. šŸ˜‰ Accordingly, I made polka dot MinniesĀ  for all of the girls. Here’s how:

We picked out teal/green tank tops…


Cut circles out of fusible webbing (iron on netting) and polka dot material…


The fusible webbing is double stick… I peeled off the first side of the webbing and placed it on the wrong side of the fabric before I cut the circles. Once cut, I peeled back the second sticky side and positioned it on the tank top exactly where I wanted it.


… and iron the circles on.


Now you have a Mickey… but we want Minnie, so…

I made a bow out of ribbon and hand-sewed it on to the tank top.


Now we have personalized tank tops for the race!


Here we are on race day! :)


An easy way to pretty up and coordinate plain tank tops. :)


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