Custom Keds Shoes!

Holy moly… have I been living in a cave or what? So I was looking at at all of the custom Keds shoes and was falling in love with all sorts of different designs (If you are a fan of Huckleberry Prairie on Facebook… you know what I’m talking about… and I apologize. haha).

So I began to investigate… and anyone can customize their own Keds shoes!

Want to see mine?





Ok, so it is my twitter background.

and I made them in 30 seconds.

That’s not the point.

Or maybe it is.

Yes. That is exactly the point.

You can literally create anything you want.  In 30 seconds.

I think I might want some Huckleberry Prairie shoes.

They cost $60 to buy your design.

I might have to start a “Huckleberry Prairie Shoes” jar and save up for some.

Just thought I’d share the fun with y’all.

Go make your own.

Or pre-order your Huckleberry Prairie shoes. haha.

Oh C’mon.

Everybody’s doing it.

You don’t want to be the only one without red and white polka dot shoes… with all sorts of fun hearts, flowers, stars, thimbles and cowboy boots. On sneakers. And shoes like that are versatile. They go with everything. You’d be silly not to buy them.

One day, right? haha


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