Country Line Dance Aerobics.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to mix up the regular old stationary bike or running routine. I didn’t feel like heading to the gym (who am I kidding. I never feel like heading to the gym. haha)… so I decided to pull out an exercise video. Then I saw it… all dusty on the back shelf… Bev and Kev. I couldn’t stop myself…I had to play it.

Let me explain.

A few years ago (when I was working long days at the office) I became allergic to the gym. Or at least that is what I convinced myself when I got home from work. Working out was the last thing I wanted to do when I got home. I needed a plan. I had to figure out a way for me to get some aerobic exercise (other than walking my dogs) that I would actually do. I decided that if I bought an aerobic dvd that I actually had fun doing… then I would come home and do it.

So… straight to eBay I went. And I found. And I bought.

I was so excited… Country Line Dance instruction followed by aerobic dancing. Could it get any better?

*Side note: Yes, I’m aware that most of the country does not line dance… but any “country” dance joint in California does. And, surprisingly, it is a hoot of a good time.

It arrived in the mail. I opened the package and found this:

and this:

and this!

I popped it in and found this:

You’ve got to be kidding me… I thought. I was under the impression that I had purchased a professional workout video… and, instead, this appeared to have been filmed with the family camcorder.


I decided to give it a chance… and that was the day Bev and Kev (the instructors) went down in infamy in my book.

Aside from the questionable quality of video… I thought they were great! The more I watched… the more I thought it was fantastic that they were making a video out of what appeared to be their den.


I loved their entrepreneurial spirit!

And they were relatively good instructors!

I ended up sharing this dvd with the whole family… we all got a kick out of learning to dance with Bev and Kev!

But the best part had yet to come! After the instruction… they go to “live dancing”.

5As in… setting up a tripod in a dance club/basketball court/sock hop… which appears unbeknown¬†to the passerbys. Which has only sparked my imagination to believe that the camcorder was hidden in some decorative plant.


No. I wasn’t kidding. A basketball court. Where is this?? And how do I get invited?? It is like an adult prom… in denim. With the Bellamy Brothers.


It was like going to a country club and having full reign of people watching without anyone knowing you were doing it. It felt kind of wrong… but oh so very right at the same time. There was a sneaky suspicion that this was either filmed in the early 90s or they borrowed the Napoleon Dynamite set.

Everything was going relatively smoothly until this buddy walked into the line of being filmed.

8Since the quality of the video is so bad that you can’t actually get a good look at him (which is the only reason I will show this)…you can see exactly what I mean.

OH. MY. GOSH. This guy had no idea he was being filmed. I’m certain of it. But on a side note… those high kicks!

I was so sad to see that their website no longer works. I would most definitely buy another dance video from them! Bev and Kev! If you ever stumble upon this post… we want more! :)

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  • Emily

    This will never get old. ever.

  • Emily

    This will never get old. ever.

  • Jon

    I will never look at country dancing the same again!

  • Jon

    I will never look at country dancing the same again!