Cooking, Baking and Serving


Our church has a program to feed the hungry in our community,

which is something I was so excited to be a part of.

I feel like it is something that is really on my heart.



It is hard to believe that our “first world” nation still has millions of people that go

hungry every night. I can’t stand the thought of someone going without food. It really breaks my heart.

With our abundance, it is our responsibility to remember the needs of our neighbors.


Today we made burritos.

We learned how to make homemade flour tortillas and beans.

I really enjoyed our cooking lesson. I have never made either of these from scratch before… and now I am happy to have the knowledge of how to make these for my own family, as well as a good, homemade meal for those who might not have had one in a while.


After we were finished, Layla and I ran some errands.



I picked up some ingredients to make cookies to be passed out with the burritos.

Just a little after dinner treat. :)

The entire time I was baking, Layla was standing directly behind me holding onto my legs.

She can’t completely stand on her own yet, but she can balance really well while she holds onto something.

Her “something” of choice today were my legs. haha

I thought it was just the cutest thing to look down and see this:




We baked our cookies…


…and stamped a couple of verses on them.



You never know who might need to be encouraged with one of God’s promises.



I really enjoyed putting these cookies together because I feel like someone could be blessed by them.

Someone that may realize that there ARE people who care about their situation.

That God cares about them.

I think so often, we Christians think that we are not truly “serving” unless we are doing something that requires a lot of work, effort and generally a task that we don’t genuinely enjoy. Because if it’s not hard, it doesn’t really count…we aren’t sacrificing ourselves in service.

I believe just the opposite.

I believe that God has specially equipped you with gifts and talents that you are not only good at, but will also enjoy.

When you use these God-given gifts to do His work, He is glorified.

And, because you enjoy it, your heart will be in it.

And that is what matters.

God cares about the state your heart.

Because, truth be known, His will is going to be accomplished with or without you.

It is our honor and privilege to be used by God.

It is easy to assign levels of interpreted importance to gifts within the church…and then feel guilty when you don’t fit into any of the “important” roles.

Not everyone will be called to the same three or four conventional roles that are “the face” of church.

What you don’t see, are the gazillions of things you could be involved with behind the scenes.

Someone out there will LOVE ministering to children in Sunday School.

It will be their passion, where they feel at peace, knowing they are serving God’s little children.

And for others, being in a room full five year olds would be the definition of their worst nightmare. haha

And that is OK!

Don’t force yourself into somewhere you don’t fit.

The body of Christ is like a big beautiful puzzle. And you are a piece.

One, beautiful piece.

A part of a bigger picture.

You have a special place in that puzzle that will fit perfectly.

God made all of our pieces unique.

Sometimes we just need to accept what piece we are (instead of trying to be a piece that we think we should be) so we can discover where we really fit.

It is then, that we can start doing some serious work.

When we know who we are in Christ, we can be used to make a difference.

Even if you think it your role is small or unimportant.

Remember, you can’t see the big, beautiful picture like God can. :)



What are your talents? What do you enjoy?

Answer that question for yourself and I guarantee there is a way to serve God and to love others through it.

Those gifts are not an accident. :)

Go. Serve. Love.

It’s really that simple.





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