Clean Efficiently: Tip Numero Uno.


Nothing fancy… just one like this:


You can find one at Target or Walmart. Or get one from Amazon here.

And fill it up with all of your favorite cleaning supplies…





In my caddy:
? All Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner (such as 409)
? Bathroom Cleaner (for showers and counters)
? Window/Glass Cleaner
? Disinfectant (such as Lysol)
? Dusting Spray
? Sponges
? Dusting Rags (or a Shamwow…gotta love Vince)
? Cleaning Gloves
? Magic Erasers (such as Mr. Clean’s)
? Paper Towel Roll
? Scrubber brush
? Old Toothbrush (for hard to clean crevices)

The beauty of the caddy is that it is portable. You can take it from room to room and have everything that you need to clean. No more trips back and forth for forgotten cleaning supplies.

This method also makes it easy to see which supplies you are running low on and can be easily added to your shopping list without having to go to several different cupboards to check.

And best of all, when you are done cleaning… the caddy easily fits under the kitchen sink or in a bathroom cupboard.

It may seem like such an minor detail…but every little bit of efficiency adds up to order and speed. And the quicker we can get done with our cleaning, the better. Right?

Efficiency = Cleaning gets finished faster = less stress = more time to yourself = one happy girl. :)

Hip-Hip-Hooray for the cleaning caddy!


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