Church Picnic


A few weeks ago we had a summer kick-off picnic at our church complete with a BBQ spread and all of the fixins.



Look at this grill!

It’s a train!!



Oh hay!


Would you like to go on the swings Layla?



I think that is a yes.

“I’m officially a big baby now.” -Layla



“Look Mama! No hands!” -Layla



“We need to have a pep talk, dad. Your push has room for improvement. Faster. Higher. Got it? Gooo team!” -Layla



“You get an A for effort Daddy, but it’s Mommy’s turn to push.” -Layla



“Now we’re talking. Weeeeeee!” -Layla



“If you don’t mind, I’m just going to close my eyes for a second.” – Layla



Look at those pouty lips!



…and with that, our picnic fun turned into nap time.



All of that swinging wore this little one out.

A fun day with great friends.

A perfect way to start the Summer. :)


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