Church, Dinner and a Movie

A recap of this weekend’s events:

This week at church we had the privilege of listening to a testimony from Michael Franzese, an ex mob captain turned follower of Christ. His story is amazing… and it is unreal to see how God has used this man. Take a look for yourself:

His story left you wanting to hear more… with both a curiosity and fascination into such a high profile life of crime, transformed into a life serving the Lord. Needless to say, I will be reading his book.

After church we headed to the Olive Garden… where I proceeded to lose my marbles with the breadsticks. Why do I like carbs so cotton pickin’ much? Anyway, we had a $25 gift certificate which we were all excited about… and guess how much our bill was? $24.95! HA! We didn’t even calculate it or order being price conscious… that is just how it worked out. Must have been our lucky day. 😉

And finally, my last order of blog business: UP!

Oh, I loved this movie! I didn’t expect it to be quite so sad… but it had an overall good underlying message.

What a good doggie… I couldn’t help but be reminded of my own poochies… how lovable they are and how much they desire to please their owners.

My Dolly and Dallas are such good doggies. I love them to pieces.

Now who is ready to watch some bachelorette tomorrow? Gosh, I was admantly opposed to getting sucked into this again… and here I am. Waiting for Mondays.

Til next time…

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