This past weekend was my friend Nikki’s baby shower and Monday was my Mom’s birthday.

And I was there for both!

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures at the shower since I had Layla to hold, but it was a cute bird theme for Nikki’s 3rd baby. Here we (my sister Jessica, Layla and me) are with Nikki.

Layla was just plum tuckered out. 😉

Then, on Monday… it was time to celebrate my Mom’s birthday.

I think she is 39… again. 😉

{mom and dad}

We went to a restaurant in Old Town Temecula.

It was a beautiful day to sit outside on the patio.

Yes. That is Layla in a high chair.

A high chair!!!!

Where is the time going?

Of course the high chair didn’t last long. haha

Layla loves to bounce on my lap. :)

Then she made her way over to Auntie Emily.

And… back to me.

Ahhh… look at these little monkey feet!!

They could just peel a banana. I love them!

Yeah, we pretty much had a photo session while waiting on the check. haha!

Unfortunately, my other sister was on the other side of the table… so we didn’t get a picture together.

But I did get this:

May I present to you, Exhibit A.

My guess is Words with Friends.

Or Angry Birds.

(But she’ll probably claim she was taking pictures, if I know her as well as I think I do)

Then Layla drove us to get a pedicure.

No! No she didn’t.

But only because she couldn’t see over the wheel. 😉

Ready to get our toes painted.

When in doubt, eat a nose.

It’s delicious.

It was a fun day.

Good food, good company and ending with some girl time.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

And Happy Shower, Nikki!

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