Catalina Island Day 1

My sister and brother-in-law had their 10 year anniversary party on Catalina Island a few weeks ago and it was an absolute hoot. You don’t exactly have to twist my arm to go to Catalina either… I just love it there. It feels like a world away, yet is only an hour boat ride from Newport Beach/Long Beach!



It was a beautiful morning in Balboa!



Our view from the boat window…

some crazy person decided to paddle board by our boat.

It was way too early for exercise.



Goodbye Newport Beach!

Hello ocean.


It didn’t take long to figure out that our boat ride was not going to be a smooth one.

The swells were ginormous from an approaching storm to the north.

It was the kind of waves that toss the boat and drop your stomach like a roller coaster…

Everyone in the boat was laughing and screaming.

For the first 5 minutes.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets sick.

And 98% of the boat got sick.

Unfortunately, that is not a gross exaggeration.

(No pun intended. Ok, it was completely intended.)

Back to the story. Having a seat right next to the bathroom was probably not the wisest decision.

I was afraid Layla might get sick…


But nope. Those big ol’ waves rocked her right to sleep!

We were happy to get our feet on dry (stationary) land…

and a beautiful Catalina day awaited us!



We stayed at Hotel Metropole which was where my sister was hosting the party.

The view from their beach house deck.



You really couldn’t ask for more perfect weather.

And, considering it was Memorial Day weekend, it wasn’t very crowded, either.





We hung out at the beach house…



…sat outside and enjoyed the day.



Layla flew around for a bit.



“This is not what I came here for.” -Layla



“Will we ever go to the beach!?” -Layla



“Pretty please, can we go to the beach?” -Layla

How can I refuse a face like that?



She was just as happy as a clam.



Happy as a gopher in soft sand.



She couldn’t wait to wiggle those piggies through the warm sand.



Who needs blankets?

Not this prepared mother.



We’ll just pretend normal people sit right in the sand fully clothed.



Layla didn’t seem to mind.



Back at the beach house, Grandma arrived.

And Layla enjoyed her pocket.



We had a barbecue that night with the friends and family that arrived a day early.

It was a nice way to end a relaxing day…

Next up, day 2!

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