Catalina Day 3: Time to Relax

After a fun evening of celebration the night before, it was nice to be able to have an extra day to relax and enjoy the island.



We were ready to enjoy some island sunshine!



You can’t make a trip to Catalina Island without eating here!



My niece, Ella.


Emily, Layla and Me…ready for our pizza. 😉

(Well, maybe not Layla… she was content with gnawing on her toy key.)


My parents and Ella.


After lunch, we decided to tour the island by golf cart.

I love that there is minimal cars on the island and the main methods of transportation is golf cart, bike or foot.


Driving Ms. Daisy Melissa


Layla was my seat mate.


It didn’t take long for her to fall right to sleep.



My mom and Emily on the back of our “Catalina Limo”. haha




The view from the top of a hill.



After our golf cart tour, we made our mandatory stop at Big Olaf’s ice cream shop.



And gained 6 pounds.



And hung out by the beach until it was time to board our boat home.



Fortunately for us, the boat ride home was much more smooth than the way there.

We were lucky to have such good weather while we were there.

It was such a fun trip… if you haven’t been to Catalina, I highly recommend it. :)


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