Catalina Day 2: Cake and Decorations


It is party day!

My sister Jessica and her husband, Bobby, were celebrating their 10 year anniversary!

Here’s a little sample tour of the decorations and cake…



The tables were adorned with handmade flowers…



Dandelions made out of yarn.



Paper flowers made out of construction paper and flowers made out of cupcake liners.


Felt Pinwheels.



Goodie bags said, “All you need is love”.

The thank you tags were actually seeds that could be planted.

The entire tag could be planted!



Pictures were clipped with clothespins.



A sign in…

with a handmade “Joy” sign.


…and Love.



And for the cake!



…getting started on decorating.

I made a german chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling and fudge icing.

I also made a strawberry cake with vanilla filling and fudge icing.

…with the finished products!

I thought it would be cute to make tree stumps for the cakes.



I made two different sizes and the styles varied slightly.



The small tree stump.



And the main cake.

I added shaved chocolate to re-create bark.

I also made a toasted coconut nest to house the three M&M eggs (symbolizing their three children).

Two yellow birds and a cute pennant topper completed the cake.





The happy couple. 😉

…and now it’s time for a celebration!

Next up… the party!

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