Bon Voyage, Jon!


On our trip to Southern California, I planned a surprise “Bon Voyage” party for Jon’s deployment.

I arranged to have it at my sister’s house, so Jon wouldn’t get suspicious.

I made the plans and my sister, Jessica, helped me with all of the rest.

My friends DeBran and Maria made dinner and dessert.

Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off.



Jessica made the banners and went to town on the decor!

Just take a look!



Pictures of Jon were arranged all over.







Jessica made a notebook for everyone to leave a note for Jon… so he could read everyone’s notes to him while he is deployed.




























Jessica made sure that no one parked in front of the house. We didn’t want Jon to think anything was going on. As far as he was concerned, we were going over my sister’s house to have dinner with her family while we were down visiting.




Little did he know that our friends and family were waiting to surprise him!



Everyone was given a little flag to wave upon his entrance.

We wanted to give him a hero’s welcome!



And surprised, he was!






I think he was in shock. 😉



DeBran made a fabulous Italian feast!

It was SO delicious!


Maria made a cake and this yummy cake/sundae “mush”.
We enjoyed visiting with Jon on the patio.
It was a beautiful summer night.
He was so surprised to see his Mom, Step-father (who live in Arkansas) as well as his sister-in-law and nephews.
Jon with his Mom and Nephew:
Layla and her daddy. :)
We made smores…
My niece Ella and my Mom.
And spent the evening in the company of good friends:
And, of course, our hostess, Jessica.

Jon would never have agreed to a party like this if I would have suggested it. He doesn’t like people to make a big deal of him. But I think he needs to be made a big deal of. I happen to think he is the bravest,  most hard-working, loyal and giving person I know.  He is definitely my hero.
Thank you Jessica, DeBran and Maria for all of your help pulling this off!
I really couldn’t have done it without you.
See Jessica’s post about this party here.

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