Baby Bird

I spent 9 months wondering what Layla would look like (actually, pretty much all of my life). I wondered if she would look like Jon or me… or maybe a combination…or maybe she wouldn’t look anything like anyone. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what her facial expressions would look like… but boy, I wasn’t disappointed with this face:

I hatched a baby bird.

No, really.

That’s all I could think of when she gave me that face.

That was her “hungry” face.

I LOVED it. I thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

A baby bird face only a mother could love. haha

It would usually go something like this:



There was no mistaking what would happen next.

Baby bird would get her worm.

How could you not feed that face?? She earned it.

I am so sad because she rarely makes that face anymore. And if it is even a face remotely close, it doesn’t look so desperate, fragile and primitive. I mean, this baby girl obviously eats. Her cheeks weigh 5 lbs each.

It slowly began to fade into this.

And now she is much more into making noises to indicate she is hungry.

Fussy, fussy noises. I prefer the face. 😉

Aww, my baby bird isn’t a bird anymore.

She is growing up, graduating to sounds.

Pretty soon she will be off to college.

And mama bird will go with her. :)

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