Anthropologie Curtains Knock-off Tutorial

I love me some Anthropologie.

I mean LOVE.

But I don’t love Anthropologie prices.

Now, I’m not arguing that they don’t have quality products. They do.

And their products may very well be worth their prices.


I’d much rather achieve a similar look for a fraction of the price.

I like a bargain.

And I don’t mind a little elbow grease.


I saw these curtains on Anthropologie’s site.

Loved them.

They are called Toorie Curtain.

And they are $176 for the pair.

Or $88 individually.


These are a wool/cotton blend with a tunnel tab construction.

I’m going to use these under a valance so I don’t need them to have a tunnel tab.

And I want them to be lighter and more flow-y… not sheer, but light enough to let light through.

And, most importantly, I’m going to do these on the cheap!

Let’s get started.

You will need:

One flat twin size bed sheet. I purchased this at Walmart for $4.00.

You will also need pom poms. About 10 yards.

I purchased mine at Fabric Barn in Long Beach, CA for about $6.00.

You can find them for about the same price here.

You’ll need some white thread and a sewing machine (which I already had).

Lets get sewing.

First…the curtain.

Lay the sheet flat and cut directly down the center long ways.


Should look something like this:

Now…fold down the top of the sheet (which already has about a 3 inch edge) and sew it down.

Should look something like this:

All of the other edges should already be finished by the manufacturer of the sheet.

Now we get to sew on the pom poms!

You can sew them either on the front side of the curtain or the back side…depending on the look you would like.

I want mine to look like the Anthropologie curtains, so I am going to sew them on the back (so you only see the pom poms from the front).

If you are sewing them on the backside, make sure you use white thread so it doesn’t show from the front.

Sew the pom pom trim on the edge of the curtain.

Repeat on the both vertical sides, and on both panels.

That’s it for the sewing part! How easy was that?!

Now go iron your panels so they don’t look like the above picture. haha

Now hang ’em up!

And that is a super cheap way to achieve a similar look. If you want your panels to be more full, just use the whole twin sheet per panel. You will only need to fold down and sew across the top for the curtain rod and add your pom poms. Note: It is always a good idea to wash the panels before sewing the pom poms on.

So easy. And so cheap.

Total project cost me:  $10

Not too shabby.

Happy sewing!

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