America's Next Raisin Model

The raisin capital of the world…

The bold claim of a Selma, Ca!

And I believe it!

It is right next door to Kingsburg, home to Sun-Maid Raisins!

Before Jon left, we took a little visit to the store at their factory.



A ginormous box of raisins greeted us…



And into the shop we went!

It was just a little store, but it had plenty of Sun-Maid themed products.



The different Sun-Maid beauties over the years…



Jon losing his marbles over the gift baskets and chocolate covered raisins.



More and more raisin themed items…



Even raisin candles!



Cute tea pot covers!

(which wasn’t related to raisins, but they were cute, so we’ll excuse them.)



And then!

Then…there were these!



I really had no choice.

None at all.



Layla needed that bonnet.






Look at her model that thing like she’s a pro.



Like this bonnet thing is old hat.

See what I did there? I’m sorry.

(Not really.)



Layla thinks I’m funny.

I will enjoy that while it lasts.

But we’re not talking about my mad comedic skills.

We’re talking about the grand supreme raisin queen.

Get it girl!

(Too much Toddlers and Tiaras have been watched around here. WAY. TOO. MUCH. Can’t look away.)



And, finally, a profile shot.

I think that just about covers her Sun-Maid bonnet portfolio.

Hey Sun-Maid! I have your next Maid model!

She doesn’t pick grapes.

She doesn’t even eat them yet.

But she looks awfully cute in a bonnet.

Have your people call my people.


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