Alas, the Peanut is Here!

Introducing… LAYLA MAE!

Well, the Peanut has been here for a little while now (a month tomorrow)… but let me tell you, this first month has flown by! We are all still adjusting, recovering and learning… but I figured it was high time I introduced y’all to our Little Miss. :)

All brand spankin’ new… only a few hours old at the hospital.

A very proud Daddy.


A very happy/tired/excited/tired/proud/exhausted Mommy.

Lots of hair… and it is LONG in back. haha My sweet little baby was born with a mullet. We joke around that she must get that from Jon… being from Arkansas and all. But of course we are kidding. Right, Peanut?

Our perfect little girl… all brand new.

Nap time for Layla is unpredictable like a ticking time bomb… I never know how long I have before she wakes up. haha So I am going to make this post short and sweet and see if I can get another one (with more details) done before she wakes up and wants. to. eat. NOW. haha

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