A Whale of a Party

Happy Birthday Ella Bella!

My niece turned 4 this past week… and my sister threw her a splash/waterslide party. There couldn’t be a more appropriate theme for this girl…she swims like a fish and loves the water. My sister, Jessica, just had a baby at the beginning of June and decided that she wanted an easy, simple party for Ella considering. Let me just take you on a pictorial journey of her definition of “simple”:

{Click on pictures to enlarge and see details.}

Simple, right? I mean, it’s like no planning, forethought or creativity went into this. haha I don’t think “simple” is even in Jessica’s vocabulary. I think what she means by simple… is that she isn’t going to stay up until 4am baking 25 different varieties of desserts, appetizers and edible decor…. as she usually does. Nevertheless, I’d have to say everything turned out superb decor-wise and food-wise.

But we haven’t even got to the best part (for the kids, anyway):

I think it is fair to say that the kids all pretty much lost their marbles for these waterslides!

…which was a good thing considering it was 159 degrees outside. (according to my reading)

Fortunately, I didn’t have any children to watch in the water so I was able to pull the pregnancy card and spend some time with little Owen inside. (Hey, it was 159*, I didn’t want to hard boil Layla! haha)

As for my sister Emily and my Mom… well they pulled the “we’re watching Owen” card, too. haha

Jessica and I setting out the balloons.

(No! This picture wasn’t posed. haha)

And now, for what’s really important. The food.

Jessica had Kenny and DeBran cater a taco bar… which was AH-mazing (as usual).

I made a frozen banana split cake (found here) which was perfect for an outdoor party on such a hot day.

We even had little fishy candy to write on the cake with.

All in all, I’d have to say that the party was a hit!

We all had a whaley good time. (I had to. I’m sorry.)

Jessica has more details and pictures up on her party blog… where she shows the decorations more closely and even lets you in on where she found these items (or how she made them) in the event you are having a similar type party! So be sure to check those out! And you might as well follow along with her blog… she’s always posting her creative parties and ideas. You won’t be sorry you did, rest assured. :)

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