A Trip to San Diego


Still in June.


♥   ♥   ♥

Jon’s Mom and Step-Father were out visiting his brother and family in San Diego, so we took a drive down there for the weekend to visit all of them.


At the hotel.

Picture quality at it’s finest.

Jon with his Mom and Step-Father.

We met everyone for lunch in Del Mar to celebrate his Mom’s birthday.


Grams with all of her grandchildren.



The following day we went to Balboa Park and walked around.

It was a perfect day… beautiful weather for being outside.

And it didn’t hurt that this was playing at the IMAX:


Jon and I are big fans of Storm Chasers!

Like…never miss an episode kind of fans. 😉



Side note: Did I ever tell y’all that I met Sean Casey and saw the TIV?!

Here is my proof:

At a random gas station in Southern California.

I am not the type to get star-struck or be particularly impressed with celebrities…

mostly because I don’t really follow the whole Hollywood hoopla.

(except when I’m getting a pedicure… but that’s all a part of the pedicure experience, isn’t it? haha)

But when I spotted the TIV filling up at a gas station… I made Jon flip the car around SO FAST.

But that’s a whole other story on another day.

Back to the IMAX.

We’ve been waiting forever for Sean Casey’s Tornado Alley IMAX to finally be finished… so you can only imagine our delight to finally get to see it! I am fascinated with tornadoes, but absolutely terrified by them at the same time.


Grams and Layla.

We enjoyed our time in San Diego and I am glad that we got to see Jon’s family one more time before he is deployed. We are planning a trip to Arkansas to see them again when he gets back next year. It will be Layla’s first trip to Arkansas! 😉 It gives us something to look forward to!




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