A Sugar Pie Surprise

Good news!

I’m almost caught up with my June posts! haha

My goal is to be done with June by the end of July. ūüėČ

Because I know these are the things of importance that keep you up at night.

Back to the topic at hand.

The surprise.

♥   ♥   ♥

My friend, DeBran, planned a surprise for a few of us girls.

And, as much as I begged for a hint, I got nothing.

Hence, a surprise.


I arrived to her house and waited patiently (read losing my cotton pickin’ marbles) for said surprise.



The door bell rang.

And guess who was our surprise?!



Aunt Ruthie!!!!

THEE Aunt Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse!

I had just met her the week before at The Vintage Marketplace!! (read about it here).

We didn’t know that SHE was going to be the surprise guest…

and she didn’t know WHO ALL she was surprising either!

What are the odds that I would get to meet her TWICE in one week?!



I immediately thought… Oh my gosh, she probably thinks I’m following her around! haha!

I was so excited she was our special surprise guest… she is just the sweetest!


We all sat around chit chatting and gabbing for hours.

Of course, all of us (newer) mamas were picking her brain, soliciting her advice and seeking her wisdom.

I mean, we had the master of homemaking sitting right in front of us!

And, she was so sweet to graciously oblige. :)



Aunt Ruthie made us these adorable clothespins!

She shared a little recipe for a happy home:  Stay faithful to the Lord and your family…be thankful for your blessings…living this way intentionally will make your heart joyful…and a joyful mama makes a happy home.

Words of wisdom!

And wisdom to live by!

Just when it it couldn’t get any better, DeBran pulled out a sugar pie!



When DeBran bakes something… it is worth eating, rest assured.

Aunt Ruthie posted DeBran’s recipe for Sugar Pie here.



We ate sugar pie with Ms. Sugar Pie herself!

{note to self: cross that off the ol’ bucket list.}



We ate, we gabbed and laughed and had a good ol’ time!

It was such a hoot of a good time!



Seriously, how cute is Aunt Ruthie?

We were so blessed to be able to have a girls’ night with her!

Thank you DeBran for our fabulous surprise!

Needless to say, we L‚ô•VED it!


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