A ride in the cart and a haircut

This past week we took a little trip to JoAnn Fabric with my sister, Jessica.

And, to prove that she is a big girl, Layla asked to ride in the cart.

For the first time!

My little baby! She’s not so little anymore! :(

She just loved sitting in the cart.

…and she especially loved cruising around with her cousin, Owen.

“Do a wheely, Mommy! Faster!” -Layla

Somewhere in between the above picture and this…

…was a little Peanut who no longer liked the cart.

It is all fun and games until someone gets tired.

Then they fuss.

And want out.

And want you to hold them while pushing a cart and trying to shop.

So they can sleep.

…how can I say no?

She is just so snuggly.

And so darn cute.

And so quiet and not fussy when she is asleep. haha

♥   ♥   ♥

The day after that, I got my hair done.

Yes. This is absolutely blogworthy.


My other sister, Emily, came with me to entertain Layla.



Watch the baby.

Play Angry Birds.

Play Words with Friends.



Just eat my sunglasses.

Auntie has things to do.

Text message.

Update status.

More Angry Birds.

A picture right before Emily went outside and sent up an SOS smoke signal.

Luckily for her, I was done shortly after. 😉

I decided to add a few highlights for summer.

And I just got it reshaped back to an A Line.

…and these pictures were absolutely serious.


I was taking pictures of my Emily for one of her outfit posts.

She is a fashion blogger.

And she knows how to pose.

I know how to mimic.

(and playfully mock. because we are sisters. it’s what we do).

And it was all fun and games until we thought it was hilarious to capture me jumping in the air.

I’m talking random cheerleading jumps.

Ridiculous ones.

Like an X jump.

And a Kelly Kapowski jump.

It started out innocent enough.

But it was a slippery slope.

And things just went downhill fast.

Very fast.

This is the part where I lose my dignity.

And… about 85% of my mobility the next day.

This just in:

high school cheerleading was a LONG time ago.

i am as limber as a brick wall.

my knees creak like a rusty door in a haunted house.

flip flops are not an appropriate choice of footwear for extreme jumping.

my joints need to be oiled like the tin man.

anything resembling the motion of a squat will cause the quads to be sore in the morning.

and the next two days after that.

But walking is overrated, so I didn’t regret my actions at all.

Go ahead, cast your judgments.

(But they better be a perfect 10 for height and form)

(We’ll discuss my windedness at a later time)

Goooo Bayside!

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