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For those of us who love to bake, but don’t trust ourselves not to eat the whole batch of goodies… the perfect solution is to give some away to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  I found the perfect solution for delivery… CUTE Wilton boxes.


2Cupcakes! and mini cupcakes!

Time to package them up to deliver to a friend!

3There is an insert to separate the cupcakes… it holds them perfectly in place with enough room in between the bottom and the top cover. No smashing. No mess. Just perfect cupcakes arriving to the lucky recipient in one pretty piece.

9Take the insert out (or flip it upside down) and you have a great holder for mini cupcakes!


6How cute is this box?!

It is a Valentine’s edition… but this design can be used all year long!

Just look at the scallops! I just love the pink, red and white together.

Be. still. my. heart.

I found these at Michaels but you can order them online here also.

I love, love, love the idea of using these for party favors, too!

Individual cupcakes make a great favor… from wedding showers to baby showers to birthday parties:

12Find them here.

For a wedding shower!

11Find them here.

Tie a cute bow (I’m envisioning red!…or polka dots!)

17Find it here.

Or Yellow!!

18Find it here.

Oh. Don’t act like you didn’t see this one coming.


Find it here.

For a baby shower (also comes in pink):

13Find it here.

Or for a cupcake themed party…

16Find it here.

Or change it up and give brownies as favors! Love the stripes!

14Find it here.

How easy would the brownie boxes be if you made them in one of these?? (I think I need one.)

20Find it here.

Or even cookies! Hey it’s still winter, right? (Maybe not in South Texas…but everywhere else it is)

Check out this wintry mix!

15Find it here.

I could look through the selections all day long…I think I’m in love.

Yummy cupcakes, brownies or cookies + pretty packaging = one happy recipient.

Happy Baking (and sharing),


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