A Little Break

…was exactly what I needed.

There was so much going on around here that I needed to prioritize my attention for a few weeks.  I know y’all understand how that goes.

A little recap…

Since my last post:

I’ve been to the doctors and have a due date of April 8th. I can’t tell you how perfect the timing is on this pregnancy. Had it been a month before, Jon would surely miss the birth. But, as it stands now, he should be home for my last month of pregnancy and the birth of the baby. WOOHOO.

I have just really started feeling sick this past week.  I knew that chasing an almost 10 month old around while you just want to lay on the couch to ease the nauseousness would be challenging. But BOY is it challenging.

Layla is crawling all over the place. She is just growing like a weed. She just got another tooth, too. :)

I had family come and visit (my sister, brother-in-law and their three children as well as my brother). We took a drive up near Yosemite and rode the Sugar Pine Railroad at night (totally spooky) and we also went to Sequoia. (More posts on that to come).

I took a little coastal getaway with a friend for a few days. LOVE the central coast. (More on that, too!)

Chopped off my hair. I’m in the post-shock “what have I done?” phase… mixed with feeling refreshed with a new style. The verdict hasn’t come back yet with whether I’m going to keep the new look or not.

I have had the worst cravings EVER this time around. And the most random things. Like one minute I just want Chinese food noodles (which I craved with Layla, too)… and then I will have to have refried beans with cheese (like at Mexican food restaurants)… and today I want KFC mashed potatoes and gravy with coleslaw like no body’s business. A friend of mine (who is also pregnant and we have the same exact due date!!!) and I were joking around that we feel like we’re on the Britney Spears diet. haha! Of course, I don’t always give into my cravings… Some days I’m just too tired to get in the car to go get it. 😉

We just booked our tickets for TEXAS Antique week in late September and I CANNOT wait! I haven’t been back to Texas since I moved from there in March 2010. Needless to say, I miss it like crazy. Besides, a little girls trip to antique shop and eat BBQ always sounds like a good time to me! And it will be Layla’s first trip (outside the womb) to Texas! Yeehaw!

So that is the last few weeks in a nutshell! Pictures and posts to come! Stay tuned.

PS. My sister, Emily, is in a styling contest for her local mall and needs votes! She has been trailing the entire time and JUST took the lead! The contest ends today. If you have a moment, go vote for her pretty please. It only takes a second! Spread the word… I know this means a lot to her! VOTE HERE! Thank you!!! :)

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