A Birthday for Jon Part 2

It was Jon’s birthday on Sunday… we had a dinner party with friends on Saturday night in celebration of his birthday…

so Sunday was more of a low-key, Jon gets to pick wherever he wants to go and whatever he wants to do kind of day. :)

We started out with church… and then off to his favorite Mexican restaurant, La Playa. He orders the same exact thing every single time we go. He lives on the edge. 😉

Happy tummy… full of fajitas.

Next stop… the bookstore! (AKA Jon’s idea of a good time. I can’t argue with that.)

And then to… Guitar center! (AKA Jon’s idea of heaven on earth. I CAN argue with that. But today he can choose whatever he likes and I will be a good sport. Really. I even played the drums and made an arse out of myself.)

Jon…live in concert.

Oh, be still my heart! A man with a banjo!

Keep those sweet banjo strings a playin’!

Moving on to the drums…

Which concluded our hands on experience in the Guitar Center.

What is that, you ask? Did we stop for gas?

Yes. Yes we did.

Speak up… You want to see a picture of Jon squeegeeing the windows?


haha. He loves it.

Want to know what I love?

The Thirst Universe. That looks like a picture I would have drawn on my folder in high school. Or on my bedroom walls when I painted a mural of the night sky. Does it count as a “mural” if you painted all of the walls? True story. Don’t make me bust out the pictures as evidence.

And we came home to be lazy and eat cake. The end.

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