A big ol' heap of miscellany.

Baby Bump

I have been so bad about taking “baby bump” pictures. I usually only get one or two per month. And I am behind… as in I will be 8 months this weekend and I haven’t taken my “official” 7 months bump picture. But rest assured, I am indeed turning into a round Humpty Dumpty. 😉

The Official “6 month” Picture…taken at my niece’s birthday party in mid July.

A Wedding

One of my good friends from high school, Erica, got married at the end of July and I was so happy I was able to attend!

The wedding was on Coronado Island in San Diego… absolutely gorgeous day with perfect weather.

How cute are they?? They are both professional Salsa dancers… which is how she met Juan. She married her Salsa partner! They are just perfect for each other.

Here is our “Hell has frozen over THREE times” picture.

First time: I got married.

Second time: I am having a baby.

Third time: Erica got married.

haha… All in good fun of course. We went from thinking we would get married and have a family “right away”  after we graduated high school (because prince charming is supposed to show up on your doorstep days after high school graduation. Or, at the very least, you MUST meet them in college.)… to realizing that wasn’t God’s plan for us… to I don’t think I really even want to get married or have kids for a looong time… to I will get married and have kids when hell freezes over. And that’s never.

And, of course, hell always freezes over and you have to eat your words.

One of these days, it will freeze over for a 4th time and Erica will be having a baby. Mark my words. :)

Nevermind, that I look like Edward Cullen and am in desperate need of some self-tanner. And a blotter. And a hairstyle. haha You just nevermind all of that! Me, Erica and Angela. Angela was my childhood best friend… I met her when I was 7 years old, a few days after I moved into the neighborhood I grew up in. Oh, how we have stories. It’s funny how so much time can pass in between seeing old friends… and the second you see them, it is as if nothing has changed. I just love these two girls to death.

Our seat assignments were personalized candles. And the color coding indicated our food selection for the servers! What a good idea!

The wedding was a lot of fun… and, as expected, Erica was an absolutely gorgeous bride. Congratulations to Erica and Juan! :)

A Dance Recital

Ella (my niece) had her first dance recital for Tap/Ballet. They were all so cute. Ella is the 4th from the left.

I think all of the production was a bit much for her… she was acting very shy afterward. She didn’t want her picture taken; she wanted to pretend that she could read the program. haha!

Haha. Too funny. I snagged one of my sister’s pictures from before the recital…

You’ll see this picture again one day when she is on So You Think You Can Dance. 😉

Airport Cafe

Whenever I am back home visiting family, it is always a treat to go to the Airport Cafe in French Valley. It’s fun for the kids to watch the airplanes and helicopters take off and land (who am I kidding. I probably enjoy that part more than the kids.) and they have a great patio to eat on while watching the planes.

Here I am (and Layla, too) with my nephew, Luke.

See what I mean? Humpty Dumpty. haha

So I have to tell y’all. I got scolded by the waitress for drinking a Root Beer. haha I don’t think she meant any offense by it, but still. I love me some Root Beer every now and then. I hardly ever have caffeine, but I am not particularly concerned with having an occasional soda or iced tea when the mood strikes. My mom lived off of Dr. Pepper when she was pregnant with me and I turned out exceptional. Or moderately acceptable. Or Fine. Whichever you prefer. So when I feel like a soda, Root Beer is usually a safe choice. The vast majority are caffeine free anyway. Except Barqs.  Barqs has bite… and just so happens to be my favorite.  When ordering, it didn’t specify which Root Beer they served, so I took a gamble. Drink comes, I sip… confirmed it is Barqs. One won’t hurt me. But two would… or at least the waitress thought so. She made it a point to tell me that she noticed I was pregnant and wanted me to be aware that I was partaking in a caffeinated beverage. And, although it is ultimately my decision if I wanted a refill, she wanted me to make an informed decision. haha What a Good Samaritan.  And a wet blanket. Yes! I want a refill! But I couldn’t socially shame myself!

“WHAT?! This Root Beer has caffeine?! I demand a lemon water to cleanse myself of that filth!”… I gasped in horror.


I didn’t.

But I wanted to say that in the most dramatic way possible.

I wanted to really put on a show! haha

But I used my manners and thanked her for the information and ordered my lemon water like a lady.

A lady that desperately wanted another Barqs Root Beer! 😉

Nothing like a waitress questioning your parenting skills already.

That is my story. The end.

Procrastination: An Explanation.

You may have noticed that all of these events unfolded in JULY. And we are now in SEPTEMBER. Where the heck did August go? I think I missed August. I can’t even remember anything I did this entire past month. Except paint. And paint some more. I remember going to doctors appointments, Layla’s 4D pictures, going to church, eating at Chick-Fil-A and going to Home Goods… and 190,309 trips to Lowes to get a single item that we had forgotten. And working on lots of projects around the house. Starting a bunch of things for the Nursery and finishing none of them (yet). Painting some more. Finding a new fabric store that I’m in LOVE with but can’t bring myself to pay their outrageous prices. Browsing around Ross and realizing that they are ALREADY playing Christmas music. Then finding the nearest broomstick and whacking the ceiling speakers. OH!! And the best news of all:

So I usually drop Jon off at band practice for church and then go to JoAnns to browse around the crafts, fabric, etc. It is a win-win situation for both of us. I get out of the house and get my creative fix, Jon doesn’t have to accompany me to JoAnns.  We all win. So anyway, I am driving through a parking lot of a strip mall that has an empty building in it. I just so happen to casually glance over at the empty building and see writing on the door:



It can’t be!

I feel faint. This has to be some sort of cruel joke. Who did this?! I want names.

Head still caulked around like an owl to confirm what I think I saw… I almost forgot I was driving. Good thing the parking lot was empty. It was like someone letting you in on a JUICY secret that could “potentially” happen… like “I don’t want to get your hopes up, but I’m pretty sure that we have the winning lotto ticket.” And that’s how I felt… because if we were getting a Hobby Lobby (the first one in California, mind you!) I just hit the jackpot.

My sources have confirmed this as fact. Just bring us a Chick-fil-a and I will have died and gone to heaven.

And that pretty much sums up my August recap. Consider yourself filled in. Which doesn’t necessarily explain my lack of posts… other than this whirlwind month flew by so fast that I didn’t even see it come or go.  And the final order of business:

The official “7 month Baby Bump” Picture…

…like real soon. Like by the end of this week. Like right before I am actually 8 months and have to take a big ol’ lying picture.

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