A Bargain I Couldn't Refuse.

I’m a sucker for a deal. But I’m not one of those people who just HAVE to have something because it is a good price.

There is not much fun in treasure hunting if you are just going to get everything labeled “clearance” or  buying something with no purpose for it. I admit, I fall into that trap sometimes. I’ll go into a store for a purpose and see something completely unplanned that is a fantastic deal… that I know I could use in the future, but have no plan for it in the meantime. My general rule is to put it in the basket and walk around the store getting the items on my list. If, by the  time I’m ready to check out, I haven’t thought of a purpose or a place for it, I will put it back. That’s my idea of shopping purposefully. 😉

I’ve learned the hard way that when I get something that don’t have a perfect place for at home, no matter how good the deal, it will just turn into clutter. And clutter equals stress. No thanks.

But the items I’m about to show you aren’t stressful at all! :) I know just what I want to do with them!

First item:

Adorable Pajama Pants!

Purpose: I am outgrowing my “non-maternity” pajama pants at a rapid rate. (Even though they aren’t maternity, they are bigger than my normal pajama pants)

Real Purpose: The strawberry print! Shield your eyes, it is too cute to take it all in at once!

And they are even in the shape of hearts!

With PINK flowers on the cuffs!

Where I found them: Target

Price: $3.74


Second Item:

Pom Pom Slippers

Purpose: The air is cooling down (not really, but lets pretend since it’s September now) and I need some comfy house slippers.

Real Reason: The POM POMS! and they’re RED!

I actually had my eye on these slippers when they were full price. And, although I wanted them, I couldn’t justify buying them in the middle of summer. I don’t wear slippers in summertime. The mere thought gives me chills.

Where I found them: Target

Price: $3.00

Yes, please!

Third Item:

Spray Paint

Purpose: Definitely had spray paint on the list of things I needed to get. I am re-purposing a lot of different things around the house, especially for Layla’s nursery. One of the easiest ways to use what you have but make it work for a room with another color scheme is spray paint. And, when I saw the price, I couldn’t pass it up! Because they were on clearance, they only had a few colors that I was planning on using. But I was more than happy getting an aqua and a red. And I have a special project that this metal color is going to work perfectly for.

Where I found it: Michaels

Price: $.99 each

Item 4:

A Layla Frame

Purpose: Nursery decor. I am using this color scheme (with a green, too) for the nursery and thought this frame was just so fun. My sister had this frame at her house and I really liked it… so when I was browsing around and saw it, I knew the colors would be perfect for the nursery.

Where I found it: Home Goods

Price: $3.99

And that concludes my bargain tour! I love finding things I REALLY love at great prices! How about you? :)

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